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 Kiara Hadley
 Posted: Mar 27 2018, 10:33 PM

"I want people to be afraid of how much they love me."

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Name: Kiara Hadley
Age: 26
Birthday: Autumn 11
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Faceclaim: Maisie Richardson-Sellers
Theme Song:

Origin: Westhaven
Home: Westhaven
Occupation: Bartender at Belham


Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 126 lbs
    Kiara is of average height and weight for someone her age. She has an oval face with a strong jawline and dark chocolate eyes set in mocha colored skin. Her nose is slightly larger, but fits well in the frame of her face, though she can be self conscious about it. She has thin rosy pink lips, with the bottom lip being slightly more voluptuous. When she smiles, it's wide enough to show off all of her pearly white teeth.

    Kiara has a petite body shape, and has to wear tight fitting clothes to be able to see any sort of curves on the woman. She has long slender arms and legs, with a slight build up of muscle to them from many self-defense classes.

    Extroverted - Kiara is a social butterfly. She has no problem striking up a conversation with a stranger, or flirting with a patron to make a few extra G in tips. She's friendly to all she meets unless they give her a reason not to be. However, she doesn't trust easily, so it takes a while before she's comfortable calling someone a friend.

    Artistic - From a young age, Kiara found a passion for art. She loves to create and reimagine new ways to use everyday objects. Especially with her limited budget, Kiara does her best to find the treasure in other people's trash.

    Observant - This comes from necessity. Kiara lives in a seedy part of town, and is always having to be on alert on her walks home from work late at night. She never knows when someone could be up to no good.

    Tough - Kiara has been always one to hold her own. Whether in a spat with her parents, or a disagreement on the street, Kiara doesn't back down. She even took self-defense classes so she would be able to protect herself if the need arises.

    Mischievous - Kiara is adventurous and a risk taker. She's willing to jump out of a plane for a thrill or do something completely off the walls because it sounds like a good time. She doesn't shy away from something just because it sounds dangerous.
    - Be able to move to a better apartment
    - Finding a job that she's passionate about

    - Not being able to pay rent
    - Swallowing a cockroach in her sleep
    - Mixology - Years at Belham have made her pretty skilled at making cocktails.
    - Self-Defense - With the little bit of extra money she has, Kiara takes self-defense classes because of unruly customers and the area she lives in.
    - Painting and Sketching - Kiara has a natural affinity for the arts, and her favorite mediums are pastels, paint and charcoal.
    - Piano - Her mother made all of her siblings take piano lessons as a child, so Kiara knows how to play a few songs.
    - Waking up early
    - Mathematics
    - Knowing when to say no
    - Trusting others

    Benjamin Hadley - Father
    Mila Hadley - Mother
    Jackson Hadley - Older Brother
    Gabriella Hadley - Older Sister
    Jeremiah Hadley - Younger Brother
    Amira Hadley - Younger Sister
    Kiara's parents met at Triston Enterprises where her father worked as a Sales Manager and her mother as an accountant. After months of dating, the two wed and moved into a home in Whitmont where they raised their five children. Kiara was born smack dab in the middle of her brothers and sisters.

    Neither of her parents quit their jobs once they started having children, so Kiara was often watched by nannies or her older siblings. She spent a lot of her time as a child drawing and coloring, whether it was on the wall or paper didn't matter to her. Finally, to save their walls, her parents invested in an easel for her, and she spent her days creating different works of art.

    Her love of art only progressed as she grew and when it was time to pick out a major at uni, she went with art much to the chagrin of her parents. To them, art was a hobby, not a career and she should consider something more respectable to pursue. She fought back, refusing to pursue a career that would bring her no pleasure, so her parents refused to pay for her schooling. Kiara didn't care though. She took out loans and paid it herself, working as a bartender at Belham to help pay the bills and get out of her parents home.

    With degree in hand, Kiara isn't sure of the next steps to take. She still works at Belham to pay off her student debt and pay rent at Paradiso, at least until she finds the perfect job.
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