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 Sawyer Beckett
 Posted: Feb 3 2017, 02:25 PM

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Name - Sawyer Clay Beckett
Age - 27
Birthday - Fall 9th
Gender - Male
Marital Status - Single
Face Claim - Armie Hammer


Origin- Saguaro Creek
Home - Aldwyn Inn
Occupation - Chef for the Inn


Height - 6'5"
Weight - 198 lbs
Appearance - Sawyer is a pretty tall guy with an average build. He's not particularly muscular, more lean than anything, but keeps the fat off him by doing a lot of walking. He typically looks a little on the messier side. His brown hair usually looks like he just rolled out of bed and he's hardly ever clean shaven. There are typically small bags underneath his blue eyes, physical evidence of his lack of sleep.

Despite a coffee and cigarette addiction, he manages to keep his teeth white. He's vain enough to keep at-home teeth whitening systems hidden at the bottom of his bag, but would deny that they're his if you asked him.

He's a simple guy as far as his clothes are concerned. Jeans, t-shirts, and comfortable shoes are pretty much all he owns. Since he was on the move a lot, he only had a need for the basics. If he ever decides to settle down in one place for more than a year at a time, he might invest in a bigger, better wardrobe, but for now he's content with what he has.


Personality - Over the years, Sawyer has developed a harsh exterior. Even before he lost his parents, he was still a little stand-offish and only had a small circle of friends. He got worse after losing his parents, dropping out of high school and traveling constantly, never letting anyone too close. He's quiet most of the time and his words are short, often delivered with a bit of sharpness that leaves people wondering what's going on with his attitude. He brushes it off, telling people he doesn't like idle chit-chat. While it's partially true, he doesn't really want to try to make friends. He's afraid of getting close to people, only to have them let him down. So he stays on the move, never letting anyone get close.

Naturally, Sawyer sticks to himself most of the time. Sure, he goes out drinking and usually works in environments constantly surrounded by people, but even then it's like he's enveloped in a bubble. When he's drinking, he picks a quiet corner, only talking to people if he's chatting up a woman for a one night stand. When he works he only talks when necessary and mainly focuses on the task at hand, zoning people out when he doesn't need them. He doesn't mind the solitude most of the time, but when he's feeling particularly lonely, even the slightest brush from a stranger can leave him in tears.

Deep down, he's not a total jerk. He has a soft spot for animals and kids. He often fed strays scraps from kitchens that he's worked in and wants to adopt one or several animals if he ever stays in one place for a while. If no one's looking, he'll make faces at babies to make them laugh. He'd never admit that it warms his heart to see a baby smiling at him. However, if you were to offer to let him hold a kid, he would promptly turn you down. He has no clue about taking care of kids, and he prefers to play with them from across the room rather than be up close and personal with them.

Wishes -
  • find a place to settle down
  • reconnect with his brother
  • become a head chef somewhere
  • create a signature dish
Fears -
  • never being truly happy
  • getting close to someone
  • goats
  • being stuck in low paying jobs
Talents -
  • cooking
  • playing guitar
  • juggling
  • getting animals to come to him
Inabilities -
  • reading
  • interacting with people
  • quitting smoking
  • can't whistle

Family -
  • Father - Aspen Beckett, deceased
  • Mother - Georgia Beckett, deceased
  • Brother - Cal Beckett, 30
Backstory - Sawyer was born in the small desert town of Saguaro Creek, the second son of Aspen and Georgia Beckett. Like most new babies, he was spoiled rotten and received a bigger portion of the attention for a few years. Cal never seemed to resent him for it, possibly because he was only a toddler at the time. Even when he started going to school and toddler Sawyer stayed at home with Georgia, Cal only ever loved his baby brother. But by the time Sawyer was in school as well, Cal was back to receiving more attention than ever. Even at a young age, Cal was bright, studious, and well liked by all his teachers.

Sawyer, on the other hand, was a little bit of a trouble maker. By the time he was in third grade, his parents had been called in for parent-teacher meetings numerous times. Sawyer was just as smart as Cal, but unlike his older brother, Sawyer had difficulties with reading and sitting still in class. He found his lessons interesting, but only for a few minutes at a time. He was easily distracted and often vented his frustrations by acting out in small ways, like throwing tiny wads of paper at fellow students or tapping his foot repeatedly.

Eventually he would be diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia, but by that time he had already earned a negative reputation that would linger up until he dropped out of high school at 17. With the proper guidance, he could have been a good student. Instead, he started living up to the teacher's expectations of being a trouble maker. By the age of 14, he had already started smoking in the stairwells of the schools and had at least one detention a week. His grades never dropped below a C, but his parents constantly praised Cal for his straight As.

Cal received most of the positive attention from Georgia and Aspen. After all, he was an all-star in track and basketball as well as an honor student, and Sawyer was an average student with a poor reputation. Sawyer spent less and less time in the house and more time hanging out with a small group of fellow outcasts, skipping school on occasion to hang out at the local park.

Just after Sawyer turned 17, his parents were involved in a car wreck. Neither one of them made it. Cal promised to look after Sawyer, but Sawyer hardly wanted anything to do with his brother. He sunk into a depression, despite not being as close to his parents as Cal was, and dropped out of high school with Cal's permission. He got a job as a bus boy at a local diner and slowly worked his way up, obtaining a GED by 19. After that, Sawyer gathered what money he could and said goodbye to his brother.

Since then, he's been traveling the world, working odd jobs whenever he needs the money. Typically he sticks to kitchens, but he's done everything to playing guitar on the sidewalk and helping set up carnivals and circuses. After staying in cities for too long, he's decided to head to Westhaven to see how life in a small seaside town suits him. He hopes to stay for at least a couple seasons and wants to reconnect with his brother, even if it's just through letters.
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