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 Kalliope Wilson
 Posted: Nov 27 2016, 06:16 AM

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Name - Kalliope Anna Wilson
Nicknames - Kallie
Age - 23 24
Birthday - Spring 6
Gender - Female
Marital Status - Engaged to Logan Chadwick
Face Claim - Emmy Rossum
Singing Voice - Annapantsu

Origin - Westhaven
Home - Ioana Valley
Occupation - Aspiring "Broadway" (Whatever the Westhaven equivalent is) actress. Moved to Ioana to help care for her sick mother, so her career is currently on hold.

Height - "5'5"
Weight - 120LBS
Appearance -
Kallie is a woman with a small frame that stands at "5'5" and weighs in at 120 pounds. Her stature isn't really that impressive, but Kallie insists it was because it's just much easier to lift her up on stage during an important number. While she doesn't really believe this is true, that's what she'll tell you in order to make herself feel better about it.

Kallie sports a milky white complexion, an almost button like nose, and more or less average features when it comes to her ears, eyes and lips. There is nothing that really stands out about her, except for the small scar above her eye, a result of an accident that she had while playing with Kayla when she was younger. It's nothing that's really effected her in life however, just a scar kids get from doing stupid things, so Kallie often forgets its even there. Though if you ask about it you get a great story about two girls, a cat named Spooky and his not so gentle claws.

Kallie has plain brown eyes that sparkle with a light of enthusiasm that really gives you a glimpse into her personality before you even start talking to her. Her eyes are very expressive of her current mood making her a bit of an open book. She has wavy, deep chestnut colored hair that falls just past her shoulders but she doesn't find it to be anything special. She often puts it in a bun just to get it out of her way, and if not then she likes to take the time to make some french braids.

She loves to wear bright colors, and when she was with Logan one of her favorite things to do was wear his sweaters, a bit too large for her but she enjoyed them all the same. she also really likes wearing boots.

As for makeup, she tends to go for lighter makeup, pink lipstick as opposed to red, and never too much, unless of course she's on stage.

Personality -

Committed - Once Kallie has her heart set on something, she'll do anything to make a dream a reality. This applies to anything that she does. Whether it be acting or relationships, if she puts her mind to it, Kallie sees no barriers in her way at all and will try and see something through to the end no matter what the cost.

Outgoing - She is very much a people person and loves talking to and getting to know people of all kinds. You'll find that there's no off button on Kallie's friendliness towards others. This is sometimes a dangerous trait to possess, but Kallie doesn't seem to realize the danger such a thing can put her in.

Lively - She's a very lively person, and you can tell what kind of mood she is just by looking her straight in the eyes. But she's usually very chipper.

Inquiring - She has an inquisitive mind with a need to know how things work and why.

Enthusiastic - She loves life, and it shows in her the glass is half full way of viewing life.

Finicky - She's very fussy and tends to fuss about her own needs and those of others around her as well.

Indecisive - Where do you want to eat dinner Kallie? You don't know? You said you wanted Sushi 20 minutes ago are you kidding me? Mexican? You just said Barbecue.

Overly trusting -She sometimes wears her heart on her sleeve in a way others see easy to take advantage of.

Compulsive - Is that a kitten? Kallie put it back. I know you thought it was cute but who is going to feed it? Exactly.


Wishes -

- To reconcile with Logan.
- To take good care of her Child
- To be an Actress, but that's a bit of a dream on hold with all the other things going on in her life.

Fears -

- Failing as a mother
- Something bad happened to Kayla
- Failing her own Mother
- Large Dogs

Talents -

Acting (She really loves it, and is very good at getting into character.)
Singing (She insists that she got it from her mother.)
Dancing (This is more her father, her mother is terrible at it.)
Baking (Ask her to make a cake, no problem, ask her to make you curry and you risk her adding so much spice you won't be able to feel your tongue for a week.)
Socialization (She's a people person.)

Inabilities -

Cooking (Sugar is one thing, Spice is another, she doesn't believe in too much of a good thing when it comes to cooking when clearly, there is too much of a good thing. Little too much Cajun there, Kallie. She attempting to learn but ask Barrett, it isn't going well.)
Taking care of horses (She tries, it just doesn't work.)
Keeping a Secret (There are no surprise parties with this woman.)
Volume Control (She tends to be very loud, but if she's quiet that's when you know there's a problem.)
Being intimidating (It's hard to look threatening when you're short with a high pitched voice.)

Family -
Leandra Wilson, 50, Mother http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu12/thewelladmin/redheart_zps7quzdxl5.png http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu12/thewelladmin/redheart_zps7quzdxl5.png - Leandra was Kalliope's closest confidant growing up. She trusted her mom with many of her secrets and her mother was the one who really supported her dreams to her fullest ability. Leandra and Noah tried the best to provide for their family, but despite this they had to rear their children in the poorer parts of Westhaven. Leandra had met Noah after coming to Ioana Valley with her brother David, and moved to the city, shortly after meeting Noah. She had a slight southren drawl, though her children don't have the same tendency. She had been recently diagnosed with Alzheimers, and Noah took Leandra to Ioana, but with his job still in the city he often had to commute and isn't around for Leandra as often as he'd like to be. So he requested that Kallie come to Ioana to care for her, since David and Barrett are often busy with ranch work.

Noah Wilson,52, Father http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu12/thewelladmin/redheart_zps7quzdxl5.png http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu12/thewelladmin/redheart_zps7quzdxl5.png - Noah is a hardworking man, and he's been that way since Kallie was little. She wasn't as close to him as she was to her mother, and in her teen years when she announced that she wanted to be an Actress, they had a bit of a falling out because Noah wasn't so convinced that it was the proper career path for her. Though years eventually mended the gap that formed between them and he tried to support her the best he could from then on. He took Leandra to Ioana, out of the city life when he realized just how sick she was and that the city was more dangerous than a home to his wife. He however kept his job in the city, and only returns home on the weekends. That is why he requested that Kallie put her career on hold to come live with them and take care of her mother. He and Caden live in Westhaven during the week and come down to the Ranch on the weekend. Kallie sees the strain that it puts on her father and its one of the things that she tries to use to assure herself that breaking up with Logan was the right choice to make.

Kayla Wilson, 27, Older Sister http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu12/thewelladmin/whiteheart_zpsnrah08kq.png http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu12/thewelladmin/whiteheart_zpsnrah08kq.png - Kayla never really felt like she belonged in the family. Whenever Kallie asked her why, she never really gave her a reason. Kallie didn't believe there was a reason at first, just her sister going through some sort of phase, but eventually she realized that perhaps her mother did have a bit of favoritism when it came to her over her sister, even though Kallie herself was far from perfect she had an aspiration while Kayla was more of a floater. With her father hardly in the house this took a real toll on Kayla. Eventually she met a young man that neither of their parent's approved of, Leonard. However Kayla was smitten with him and one night she departed Westhaven presumably with the same man when she was 23 years old and the family could not track her afterwards. Kallie hasn't seen Kayla since and can only hope that she's okay wherever she is.

Caden Wilson, 15, Younger Brother http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu12/thewelladmin/redheart_zps7quzdxl5.png http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu12/thewelladmin/redheart_zps7quzdxl5.png - Caden and Kallie have totally different interests, justifiable by the age gap between them. Caden is more into mechanics and how things work, and Kallie is more into being under the spotlight. They hadn't been close because of this seperation but as of recently, where Caden is forced to come down to the ranch on the weekends to help and spend time with his mother, they've grown closer walking the ranch together, and Kallie tries to take interest in his interests, even if she doesn't really understand them.

David Benson, 59, Uncle http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu12/thewelladmin/redheart_zps7quzdxl5.png http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu12/thewelladmin/redheart_zps7quzdxl5.png - David is Leandra's brother and Kallie's uncle. She loves him dearly and they often visited his ranch when she was a child. David isn't doing so well himself these days which is why her Cousin Barrett moved down to Ioana, to help care for him and the ranch. Kallie will try to do Ranch work to help them out when she can, but she isn't very good at it. David appreciates the attempt anyway.

Barrett Benson, 22, Cousin http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu12/thewelladmin/redheart_zps7quzdxl5.png http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu12/thewelladmin/redheart_zps7quzdxl5.png - Barrett and Callie have become close in the four months since she's come to live on Benson Ranch. Perhaps its because they spend a lot of off time together, or that they have a common goal of helping David and caring for her mother. Though they don't often talk about Kallie's pregnancy since Barrett doesn't agree with what she did involving the father. They did have a fight where Barrett mentioned not having a father is going to effect her baby, they haven't really come onto the topic of her child's father since she got to the ranch, which allows them to coexist peacefully otherwise.

Backstory -

Kallie's sister Kayla was born just two years before her parents were married, and a few years later Kalliope herself was born, followed many years later by her younger brother and her parents final child, Caden. It was a close knit family growing up, although Kallie always felt that her sister wasn't that sure she belonged int he family, they played together as usual like nothing was wrong. Her mother taught her how to sight read music since she played the Piano in her spare time, a skill that would come in handy to Kalliope later in life. Their family wasn't the richest, but Kallie basked in the fact they were together.

In High School she joined the theatre club as a member of the stage crew. Though it may not have seemed like fun to anyone on the outside looking in, Kallie had the time of her life fixing stages for the actors and actresses and watching them rehearse. She longed to be on the stage herself but at the time was too shy. Though was one day discovered singing by one of her theater teachers, who insisted she audition for the next play. She did and go the lead part in her senior year production.

She continued her work in the theater arts after high school, becoming part of a local talent group for young adults in Westhaven. She was in many plays from her graduation from school into her college years, and it was during this time she decided she wanted to make acting a full time career, a choice her father didn't approve of but eventually came to terms with.

It was at a cast dinner at one of the local diners that her life changed as she caught the eye of one of the young waiters that had been serving on their group that night. She stole glances of him throughout the night, her friends egging her on when they caught her looks, but he was the one to catch her attention, engaging her in a conversation that would last long after everyone else had gone home. He coaxed her to perform for him and she did, and though she thought maybe it would be the last she saw of that waiter, she was very wrong because he became the man who she is pretty sure is the love of her life. She moved in with Logan overtime, completely smitten with him (Althouh Noah was frightened of her moving in with Logan at first because years earlier her sister Kayla had vanished after falling in love with a man though Kalliope still thinks she simply ran away to be with him).

Her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimers and Noah sent Kallie a letter a while after they had moved from the city, asking her to come and help take care of her. She was torn since she knew Logan would want to come with her, but seeing as he had started a new job she didn't want him to give it up and she didn't want a distance relationship either because it would have been painful, or so she thought. So, she broke up with Logan, telling the biggest lie of her life, about how she didn't think they'd work out in the long run. What she had hoped was that he would propose but she decided she needed to be there for her mother instead.

Only about a month after moving from the city, Kallie discovered she was pregnant. There was no mistaking the father.
 Posted: Mar 3 2017, 03:58 PM

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Jasper Cole Chadwick
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Name - Jasper Cole Chadwick
Nicknames - Jay, Bubblegum (By Eloywn)
Age - Newborn
Birthday - Winter 25
Gender - Male

Origin - Ioana Valley
Home - Ioana Valley

Family -
Kalliope Wilson (Mother)
Logan Chadwick (Father)
Leandra Wilson (Maternal Grandmother)
Noah Wilson (Maternal Grandfather)
Caden Wilson (Maternal Uncle)
Joanna Atwater (Paternal Grandmother)
Russell Atwater (Paternal Grandfather)
Caroline Atwater (Paternal Aunt)
Alexandra Atwater (Paternal Aunt)
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