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 1. The Rulebook, Revised 11/01/2018 by Ethereal
Summers Past
 Posted: Dec 26 2015, 08:35 PM


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The Rulebook

The following rules have been put into place to ensure that Summers Past is a warm, friendly, and safe environment to roleplay in. As the staff wish to ensure every member has a good experience here, rule-breaking is frowned upon and will not be tolerated. First offences will be treated with formal warnings, but continuous offences will result in temporary bans to a possible permanent ban. Note that all rules apply to both the site and the site Discord. Please respect our rules!


To register, you must be 13 or over.


We are an account-per-person roleplay. Please only register one account under the roleplay alias you would like to be known as. Duplicate accounts will be deleted.


Summers Past is a board that welcomes everybody regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, sexuality, or disability. We have a strict no-tolerance policy against any forms of hate speech. Disregarding this rule will lead to an instant ban.


Respect every member regardless of their rank. The staff view every member as equal (and will consequently treat every member equally) therefore you should do the same. Please show them respect by apprehending to any requests, warnings, and decisions they make – their decisions are made to ensure the safety and happiness of all Summers Past members. Refrain from bringing any drama to the board, including arguments, trolling or harassing other members, and bad-mouthing members. Avoid becoming involved in any drama and, if issues arise, report them to a staff member.


Although we appreciate you wishing for the site rules to be upheld, please do not apprehend other members for what you feel to be a violation of the rules when you do not have the permission to do so. This includes acts such as telling off members, dictating what other member can and cannot post in the Cbox, or generally attempting to act on the behalf of staff. If you see violations of the rules, please report them to the staff.


Summers Past has no activity requirement. Members have complete control over how often they want to respond to threads. All we ask is that you post in our activity checks (held every two and a half months) to let us know that you still intend to stick around and roleplay!


There is no word count on Summers Past, however, we do ask that you write in sentences rather than with asterisks.


We encourage you to be creative with your characters, however please note that characters must be human. We do not permit mythical or magical characters, sorry! The character cap is currently 25 per member. Once this character cap has been reached, any new characters you create in pending profiles will not be accepted and you will be unable to retrieve old character profiles from the archive for active play on the board during this time.


Topic buttons are mandatory when creating a new roleplay thread. Please see the guide located here for more information on using them.


Summers Past is a PG-13 roleplay meaning that graphic violence, explicit sexual content, and references to hard drugs are not permitted. This violates our Terms of Service with Jcink. Any posts violating this rule will be removed without warning. Mild violence (with the permission of your roleplay partner), implied sexual actions, and soft drug use are permitted, however.


As we wish for Summers Past to be a safe and happy environment, please try avoid writing triggering content. If you must, we ask that you put any triggering content into spoilers with a clear trigger warning above bolded and coloured red.


Plagiarism is the taking of another person's work and passing it off as your own. Do not steal from other writers, artists, the members here, or the site itself, as this is highly disrespectful and will not be tolerated. Known plagiarism will result in an immediate IP ban.


Signatures have a max total height of 500px. All text and images must fit within the height of 500px. There is no rule on max width.


Summers Past has a forum set aside specifically for advertising. Please keep all advertising to that forum and do not solicit members with advertisements through the chat box, PM or any other forms of communication.
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