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 2b. Business Guide, Written by Belle
Summers Past
 Posted: Jul 10 2015, 05:57 PM


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Business Guide

With most villagers having left to work in the city, it's very easy to own a business in Ioana Valley. There are many opportunities to own your own shop, and the Estate Agency is all too happy to help you with the process of owning your own business! However, there are a few things any new entrepreneur ought to be wary of.

The first thing is the state your new business building is in. Many buildings are derelict, and often these aren't advertised in an honest light. You may get lucky and have no problems with your new building, but sometimes there may be a few problems with it that require fixing. No worries, however, because these are great opportunities to meet your new neighbors!

Of course, the main thing is to be wary of the city businessmen. They are known to come campaigning to buy your land. Persuasive, cunning, and cocky, new business owners are vulnerable to their wooing.

For a general idea of some shops that you can own, we have compiled a list of occupations and businesses available to the villagers. Some of these have been listed by the mayor as urgent, but most listed are things the village desperately need.

Do not feel discouraged if somebody has already opened a shop you wanted to open, as duplicate shops are allowed, provided they are not in large numbers. If an occupation on this list is scored, however, it means we will not be accepting duplicates at this time. You are also not limited to this list of shops. Feel free to get as creative as you like with businesses and occupations, so long as they are fitting to Ioana Valley's world.


    The mayor has listed these particular positions as in dire need of filling. Please note that these businesses may be more difficult to run than others.

    • General Store
    • Grocery Store
    Police Station
    Fire Station
    • School
    • Blacksmith
    • Carpenters
    • Innkeeper
    • Farms/Ranches/Orchards
    Times are so dire that the following occupations have been listed as added luxuries by the villagers. They can just about manage to cope without these, but would still greatly appreciate them! Multiples are welcomed.

    • Bar
    • Restaurant
    • Café
    • Coffee Shop
    • Bakery
    • Jewelers
    • Florists

To apply for a shop, visit the Estate Agency and fill out the following form:

Forum Location: Ioana Valley or Westhaven City?
Business Name: What is the name of the business?
Forum Description: Give a brief summary of what the shop does, no more than 1-3 sentences. A tagline will also work well here.
Business Description: Describe what your business looks like and the set-up. Use as much description as you can and feel free to include photos. This should be posted in your forum after its creation.


[b]Forum Location:[/b]
[b]Business Name:[/b]
[b]Forum Description:[/b]
[b]Business Description:[/b]
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