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 2a. Housing Guide, Written by Belle
Summers Past
 Posted: Jul 10 2015, 05:02 PM


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Housing Guide

All characters need a place to call home! There are quite a few options of places to live, whether they be in Ioana Valley or Westhaven.

Please keep in mind that due to the dwindling prosperity of Ioana, it can no longer afford to keep the train station running. There is now only one train that visits every Friday, and travelling by train between the areas is consequently limited. If your character is wealthy enough to own a car (something rare in this time period!), they can travel freely.

Revelry Road
Located with the centre of the village, Revelry Road features the most expensive homes, and even then they are still affordable. There is very little room for new buildings here. Most of the buildings here are small town-houses.

Wildflower Road
Located within Lochapple Fields, Wildflower Road is the most prosperous of all the farming districts. It has suffered greatly, visible in the numerous run-down farms that remain an eyesore, but the flowers here still grow tall and pretty, maintained by a few dedicated villagers.

Aelmere Road
Also located within Lochapple Fields, it has been rumoured that Aelmere Road will be the next street to be bought up, should the final villagers move away. Utterly neglected, the grass grows tall and rampant, hiding the fact that there are a few plots of land still maintained.

Bluehollow Drive
Located within Winter Meadows, this area of land has never been particularly popular. Although the scenery is beautiful, the nearby train tracks can be irritating. However, with no regular train service running any more, the area is much quieter.

Maple Haven Drive
Located within Ashkeep Woods, Maple Haven Drive is a well-kept secret. The nearby trees conceal the large homes, and they're at a far enough distance from the village centre that few venture out. The houses here tend to be large and luxurious.

Triston High Rise Apartments
If you're looking for a small apartment at an extraordinary price within the hustle and bustle of the city, look no further. Located directly in the centre of Westhaven, these new apartments are a popular choice for those coming to the city for the first time. Please note that Triston High Rise Apartments are limited to 1-3 bedroom apartments.

Whitmont Community
The gates surrounding these giant homes give a little insight into just how rich some of its residents may be. These homes are awe-dropping to look at, even if you can only see their exterior.

Paradiso Apartments
Not exactly rolling in the cash? These apartments are for the poorer folks of Westhaven. They are only available as a single bedroom and are not in the best of shape, but they are affordable so it's better than nothing, right?

Aldwyn Inn
This run-down inn used to be the heart and the soul of Ioana, seeing plenty of travellers back in its heyday. Now, the majority of the rooms are empty. On the plus side, the rooms are dirt-cheap here. To check-in to Aldwyn Inn, click here.

Not everybody is fortunate enough to have money in the bank! If your character doesn't have money, they can live on the streets. Homelessness is more of a problem in Westhaven than in Ioana.

To apply for a home, visit the Estate Agency and fill out the following form:

Forum Location: Will your character be choosing to reside in the valley or in the city? Which street will they be living on?
Forum Name: What is the name of your character's home?
Forum Description: Give a brief description of your character's home. Please no more than 1-3 sentences.
Home Description: You can give a more in-depth description here, and are welcome to format this however you like! This should be posted in your forum after its creation.

[b]Forum Location:[/b]
[b]Forum Name:[/b]
[b]Forum Description:[/b]
[b]Home Description:[/b]
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