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Posted by: Frostbone Mar 29 2018, 07:56 PM
Spring 16, Year 03
Cheerful with a side of hungry
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Well, so far so good. That statement certainly did seem to sum up the day of one Charles Mitchell Collins. A doctor by trade, that trade had just so happened to bring him to the charming little hamlet of Ioana. The town was a little bit of a fixer upper, to say the least, but it did have it's own charm. Small towns usually did, after all. And really, the blonde was happy to find himself in a place like this. Large cities weren't really his bag, despite the fact that he didn't have problems with people. It was just nice to be away from the hustle and bustle.

Although to be fair, there was a fair share of that for Charlie today. That whole doctor thing? Well, this just so happened to be one of his days on the job. As such, the man had spent a large chunk of time getting acclimated to his new surroundings, coworkers, and future patients. As well as doing a fair share of reading. Medical histories. And plenty of them. Charlie figured that if he were to better serve the fair denizens of Ioana, it would probably be in everybody's best interests if he knew all he could about them. Granted, there would be plenty of dialogue with his patients during every appointment, but having an idea of what to expect going in was probably a good idea.

With all the things going on during his first few days, there was also something else that happened. Namely, a small little welcome party. Complete with cake. Really awesome cake. A chocolate marble affair with some absolutely amazing frosting. A place called 'Crumbly Delights' as the cake box had oh so helpfully pointed out to the blonde. And being as how the party and cake was for him, Charlie had found himself toting the culinary delight home with him this evening, along with some paper trays and plastic silverware. Frankly, Charlie wasn't sure what he'd do with it. Eat it, of course, but it was a lot of cake.

Tasked with figuring out this horrific problem, but mainly because he wanted to take in some scenery, Charlie had soon found himself popping a squat on a bench along the street. The sun was almost ready to set, and as such, the buildings along the street were painted with a rather fascinating mix of orangeish sunlight and shadows. It was calm. Peaceful. Serene. All that jazz. Quietly humming to himself as he gently tapped a cadence on the cake box, Charlie soaked it all in.

It wasn't quite home sweet home, but surely it would be soon enough. But what to do about all that cake? It was a kind of terrible not really problem that vaguely entered the back of his mind.

Posted by: Tecri Apr 14 2018, 03:29 PM
Roberta Teagarden
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Charlie (Frostbone)

Spring 16th • Year 3
After so much work, Roberta’s working days at the university had been cut down, there was no more research to do, they were still deciding on the new field which meant she had paid vacations for a limited period of time, she just didn’t know if that period of time would be one weak, one season or one year. Roberta still had to go to the university, she knew what kind of field they were planning their next research and something that was, apparently worth their try, but she highly doubted they would be saving money.

She wandered through the streets of her hometown, it was nice to be back and not to have anything to worry about in the city, except for her cat, the poor four-legged animal also came with her to the valley, the train wasn’t exactly something the cat liked, but thank goddess the vet had sedated him. As the sun grew high in the sky, Roberta ended up in Crumbly Delights. She knew the place, not exactly who owned it or the baker that made the delicious cakes, but it was Roberta’s favorite place to eat something sweet.

As she walked around the shop, trying to see what she could get her hands on. Buying everything she needed, especially for the dessert later that night. She hopped out of the store and walked over to her parent’s house, humming some stupid song that had been stuck in her mind for a while. She walked by a man on a bench, not paying much attention, before realizing she had met that man before.

”Hi…” she said, looking at the man she had previously met at the clinic earlier that season. ”Dr…mhmm Collins right?” she asked. No one could blame her for not remembering his name, it wasn’t like she’d talk to him every day.

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