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 Locked inside reality's maze, Eleanor Walls Solo
 Posted: Apr 17 2016, 08:42 PM

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.&qu

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Riley (Pocomoke)

Winter 9th; year 01

Ella looked at the window; she could see that there was a soft white blanket covering the ground in Ioana. Winter was there, snow was falling and the temperatures were below zero, which meant that the lake was frozen, and when the lake was frozen, it was time for some ice skating.

Ella jumped out of bed and got dressed, it was time to have some fun, and by fun she was going to skate. The girl ate her breakfast, she couldn’t wait to go to the lake, unfortunately, this year she would have to go alone, she wouldn’t have company; everyone was so busy during winter.

The girl was currently unemployed, she helped a few kids in Ioana with school work, she tutor them after school, she taught the younger ones and it was more volunteer work. It wasn’t enough, she was on the verge of losing her house, and in order to keep it, she would have to either find another paying job, or stop eating.

The girl finished her food and ran out the door. Ella ran as fast as the wind and once she was at the lake, she stopped. Ella took a breath and contemplated the sights. Testing the ice, Ella noticed it was firm enough to hold her weight.

Skating through the lake, Ella tried every trick she had leant, not that they were many, Ella wasn’t exactly the most graceful person on the planet but she was trying. As she skated without a care, Ella forgot to make sure all the lake was frozen correctly, the middle of the lake had only a thin layer of ice, and any vibrations could break it.

The silver haired girl skated right into it, the ice cracked and Ella fell into the water. She was able to swim to the surface, but the slippery ice wouldn’t let her climb, she was trapped in the freezing water and, the worst part was, she could barely keep herself floating. Trying to use her feet in a more correct way to keep floating, Ella decided to remove the footwear, unfortunately, with the movement under water, she got stuck under the ice, unable to breath, Ella was no longer conscious of her surroundings.

An hour and a half later, Ella was in the hospital. She had be taken out of the water by some stranger, who was able to take her to Westhaven Hospital. Once at the hospital, the doctors tried to extract the water from her lungs, her heart stopped twice and when they thought she was finally stable, her heart stopped once more; they were able to bring her back, they put an oxygen max on her and just waited until she was stable enough.

One of the nurses decided to call one of her emergency contacts.

”Hello? Good afternoon, this is from Westhaven Hospital, I’d like to inform that Miss Eleanor Walls had an accident. She is currently in a critical condition; would you be able to come by to sign a few papers?” the nurse informed the person on the other side, and upon receiving an answer, she disconnected the call.

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