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 Get Out
 Posted: Apr 29 2018, 10:21 PM

"Reality is an illusion. The universe is a hologram. Buy go

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Jacques Rousseau Spring 7th Early Morning

Jacques stumbled into his home after yet another night of partying. He had gone out with a few friends to a local college frat party. Typically they weren't his style, but the fun was free, and the music was great. By the end of the night he had found himself passed out on the floor for a few hours. Luckily the guy hosting the party didn't want people sleeping in his dorm, and kicked everyone out early in the morning.

Already hung over, the man attempted not to make a lot of noise as he walked towards the stairs, not wanting to wake up anyone else in the house hold. Not that it was easy to, as the place was huge. It took him a solid minute to walk to his parent's room from his own.

"Jacques Nicholas Rousseau."

Speaking of parents. The man turned to see his father sitting on a chair in the living room. He immediately recognized the older man's facial expression as one that he had often during Jacques' younger years. With a sigh, he walked over to his father.

"Yeah, Pops?"

"This is the third time this week you've come home early in the morning," his father began. "And it's the fourth time you ducked out of the cafe early."

"Alright? I'm an adult, so I don't understand why you're upset," Jacques said, shrugging and placing his hands in his pockets.

"Well I am your father, and I'm tired of the bullshit." the older man said, standing up. "You've been irresponsible your entire life, and I hoped that you would outgrow it, but it seems like it's not the case."

"You need to move out."

"Yeah yeah, we've talked about this." Jacques responded as he rolled his eyes. This had been a conversation they had often, but Jacques knew his father would never commit to it.

"I mean today. And you need to leave the restaurant."

Wait, what?

"You ain't serious."

"Yes, I am. We've spoiled you too much, and until you learn to be responsible, we can't baby you anymore."

"Where am I supposed to go?" Jacques asked. He couldn't be serious, could he? No way.

"Well you won't find cheap rent or a job here with the way you run around, so perhaps the valley?" the older man explained. He sighed and placed a hand on his son's shoulder, who quickly shrugged it off. "I'm sorry Jacques, but you have an hour before I call the police. You're lucky I'm giving you that much time." Jacques' father said before he turned around and walked away. Jacques stood there, full of too much emotion to respond. He wanted to scream, fight it, rebel. Instead, he just grabbed a bag of clothes and left. It would blow over in a day or two, at least that was what he believed.

This couldn't be permanent, right?
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