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Summers Past • A Harvest Moon RP > University Library > Into the Eye of the Storm

Posted by: Pocomoke Apr 13 2018, 07:57 PM
Paige Goodwin Spring 20th Y3

Paige didn't know what to do with herself. Her friends had been planning on meeting up and going shopping for Spring Fling outfits. Though last minute they all bailed on her, causing the girl to have a free day. She had gotten all dressed up and ready to go, so instead she decided to wander to the university.

The university was actually one of Paige's favorite places to go. She loved to learn, to which she tried to hide it. Instead of going to the school library, Paige instead would go to the university library. The librarian was super nice and let her check out books even though she didn't go to the school The brunette was always good about returning them on time as well.

Paige barely made her way into the library before the storm kicked in. She had planned to just return her old books and check out new ones, but since she was going to be stuck there for a while, she decided to read there. It must have looked strange to see the small girl sitting by herself.

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