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 Forgiveness, Can you Imagine?, Hayden Solo, Winter 25th, Year Two
 Posted: Jan 22 2018, 09:17 AM

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The sky was many hues by the time Hayden had left her home that day. It was the first time in a long while that she had found any cheer in the holidays, the first time in a long while that she had someone to share it with. That in itself, had made the day that much more memorable for her. However, in the past five years she had created her own sort of ritual on the holiday, something she followed like clockwork. After spending the most time she could with Eugene, she had packed a small messenger bag with two bouquets of carnations, one pink and the other a final smaller one, made up of Purple Hyacinths.

Rusty trotted along behind her through the woods, like she had every year since Hayden had gotten her. Rusty was always reliable when Hayden needed someone in her corner, and this evening she really needed it. The dog snapped at snowflakes on their way up to the church, tail wagging despite the slightly somber mood that it seemed Hayden was in. The dog was that cheerful light that made Hayden feel she could do these sorts of things yearly, so long as the loyal husky was at her side.

She breathed in as she saw the church coming up, reaching down to pat Rusty on the head. Something had changed this year, something she hadn't seen coming, and that something was seeing Brandon again for the first time in five years. Maybe that was what had been making her feel so heavy about this tradition this year. How he felt, the way he looked at her with hatred, indifferent to her apologies. She couldn't really blame him for it, even if she did wish he'd give her a fighting chance. She frowned, maybe she'd need to accept reality for what it was in the end, but until then she couldn't keep herself from thinking about the next time they'd run into each other, the next time she could try again.

Hayden hadn't believed in the Goddess since she was a teen. After her parents had died, she had lost her faith. And while it hadn't come back, she somehow felt that this place was the only space where she could reach her parents. She breathed in again, releasing the breath carefully. If the Goddess were here, or even if this was just a supposed sacred place, then maybe her parents still knew how much she cared. Stepping forward, she made her way to the door, pushing it open and allowing Rusty in. She still wasn't sure if Odette, the local priestess, appreciated having the dog in her church, but what was the use in discriminating for a few minutes, right?

After all, they didn't know if Rusty believed in the Goddess.

The two made their way to the alter, Hayden quite sure there was no one around to see them there. The priestess had gone, it said so in a note she left on the door of the church, but regardless Tobias had kept the main building open for those who were still quite religious. She knelt down, ignoring Rusty who was sniffing the floor, and pulled the two carnation bundles from her bag, placing them down and propping them against the wall close to the alter, not touching it in fear of disrespecting someone who actually had their beliefs in order.

Next she set the bouquet of Purple Hyacinths down in the center, pulling the final item out of her bag: a small package of sports trading cards, and set them down over the purple flowers. Every year before their parents death, it had been something she was used to getting Brandon for Yule, and every year she brought them almost instinctively. Taking in a breath and holding it for longer than usual, she closed her eyes. "Happy Yule, Mom and dad." she said softly, getting back and looking away from the small display she had set up.

"Happy Yule, Brandon."


Date: Winter 25th, Year Two (Early Evening)
Outfit: Here
Weather: Snowy
Notes: Red and Pink Carnations represent missing someone, while purple hyacinths represent regret.

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