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 Four Gentlemen
 Posted: Aug 1 2018, 03:37 PM

pananampalataya, pag-asa, pagmamahal

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Xing Kolega
Elliot Mercier Ethereal - Autumn 17th - inspiration

People who knew Xing might laugh to see him where he was now, dressed in a suit, sitting in front of a large piece of modern art. Shades of green and blue intercepted with each other, a picture of the light rain that sprinkled Westhaven just outside. Xing never really understood modern art but the picture in front of him was actually quite pretty. Glitter, cerulean, emerald... it looked like a reflection of a forest in a river, very impressionist.
He read the title of the piece over and over again. Even the sight of the characters was enough to make him want to close his eyes and smile. He pulled a journal out of his bag, started grinding out some ink, and took out a brush. It was a challenge at times to travel so often between Westhaven and Ioana, and though he cherished the visits to his home village, he at times felt like a bit of a pioneer. Mitanku was known for encouraging its young folk to travel, and its way of teaching elementary to high school aged children was to give them time to learn things in the real world, take apprenticeships, jobs, and to record their experiences. Smiling at the familiar words he'd just drawn out in the journal as a reminder, he then closed his eyes.
"顺其自然." Nodding, he opened them, gathering up his stuff, put it all in his bag, and stood. However, he was still screwing the lid on the inkwell, and managed to bump into someone, trip over his feet, and send the gold-colored ink splattering across the art piece.
Gaining his footing, he gawked at the painting and back at the person, hands clasped over his own mouth in surprise. He seemed to pay no attention to the ink he'd splattered on his own tie.
 Posted: Yesterday at 07:43 am

coolest kid this side of the atlantic

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Elliot A. Mercier
"I'm tired, looking out on the substitute scene, still going strong"

The exhibits at the museum never failed to enthral both Elliot and Oliver. The two had visited the museum many times, usually making at least one if not two visits a year, but they continued to return. The entrance fee wasn’t unreasonable, and they could easily spend a whole day marvelling at the art and sculptures, the science and the history, so it was a common rainy day visit for them.

Although Elliot much preferred to visit the ancient history exhibits, Oliver had already dragged the two of them over to the modern art gallery. Elliot had never been able to decipher much in seemingly random swirls and splotches of colour, but Oliver appeared to see whole stories in modern art pieces. He’d sometimes ramble a little to Elliot about what he could see, and Elliot was forever in awe of how his young son was so creative.

Father and son stood in front of one large painting that Oliver swore personified the ocean and its desire to be land so that people would visit it more often. Oliver peered at the painting with great enthuse and concentration whilst Elliot allowed his mind to wander to thoughts about what he would pick up from the grocery store on their way home. Suddenly, his thoughts were interrupted.

The only other person in the room had moved, accidentally colliding with Elliot and causing them both to stumble. Oliver, so drawn in by the painting before him, noticed and said nothing until gold speckles magically appeared on the painting he was admiring. He gasped, excitedly turning to look at the strange man whose ink it was that had been flung onto the painting. Oliver believed that the new addition to the painting was exactly what it had needed to tie the whole piece together, the gold acting as both the sand and the rays of sun that connected the ocean and the land. He ran up to the man and asked him, “Are you the artist?”

It was now Elliot’s turn to see the unauthorised addition to the painting. Like the stranger, Elliot also looked upon it with a sense of worry and not childlike awe. “Oh dear…” he mumbled.

“Perhaps if you notify the museum staff, they’d be accommodating in understanding that this was an accident?”
Elliot suggested. “I can vouch for you.”
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