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Posted by: Summers Past Aug 10 2015, 04:26 PM
The Estate Agency

Welcome to the Estate Agency! Before you apply for your new home or business, the estate agent runs you through the rules and regulations of real estate purchasing:
  • The Estate Agency can refuse a business or home application if it does not apply to life in Ioana Valley or Westhaven City. For example, a car dealership would not fare well in the Valley as most of its residents are not able to afford one.
  • The Estate Agency can deny a business if there are too many duplicate shops. For example, there is no need for twenty bars in the village.
  • The Estate Agency asks that business and home applications be as detailed as possible. No less than 3 sentences for business/home descriptions. Please ensure these descriptions are posted in your forum once it is created.
  • Businesses and Homes may be in the same building, but be sure to make that clear in your application. Also this can only occur in the business districts, not the housing districts.
  • After your forum has been created, please post the description as soon as you possibly can! Forums will be deleted during activity checks if there is no description to declare which member they belong to. You can ask a staff member to pin it for you by clicking the 'Staff Attention' button.
For more detailed information on business and home applications, you can visit the following guides:

[b]Forum Location:[/b]
[b]Home Name:[/b]
[b]Forum Description:[/b]
[b]Home Description:[/b]

[b]Forum location:[/b]
[b]Business Name:[/b]
[b]Forum Description:[/b]
[b]Business Description:[/b]

Posted by: strawberry Apr 30 2018, 08:18 PM
Forum Location: Revelry Road
Home Name: Booker Residence
Forum Description: Cyrus Booker's home is a three-story townhouse located near the middle of Revelry Road. It's an older building with painted bricks and a tiny back yard.
Home Description:

user posted image

Cyrus took over his childhood home when his parents decided to move. It's decorated simply, with most of his parents old belongings either stored in the attic or sold off for more traveling money. There are two large bedrooms. Cyrus has stayed in his old bedroom and has left his parents' old room empty. The back yard is where Cyrus spends most of his time and effort, keeping his plants in good shape and the tiny lawn well groomed. ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Forum location: Harvest Street
Business Name: Greenleaf Garden Supply
Forum Description: While small in terms of other garden centers, Greenleaf Garden Supply sells a decent array of seasonal seeds, plants, and tools in addition to other garden supplies. Open Monday through Saturday, 10 AM to 7 PM.
Business Description:
user posted image

What was once a large greenhouse was turned into a shop by Cyrus Booker's parents. The smell of soil and plants hits you as soon as you walk in and the air is warm and humid year round. Cyrus tries to keep it as tidy and organized as possible, though it's hard to do with a constant stream of plants moving in and out of stock.

Out back is an where Cyrus starts seeds and grows plants year round. It's generally only open to employees, but if you were to ask nicely, he'd be more than happy to show you around.

His plant stock changes out with each season, and if there is a plant or some other garden related item you want but isn't available, feel free to ask Cyrus and he'll see about ordering it for you.

Posted by: Belle Apr 30 2018, 09:46 PM
strawberry, your forum has been created. You can find it and

Please let a staff member know when you have posted your description so we can pin it for you.

Posted by: Tanuki May 3 2018, 05:58 AM
Two Requests Today!

First, a Business:

Forum location: Feather Street
Business Name: Donelly Family Jewlers
Forum Description:
A quaint little shop seated near the end of feather street run by the Donelly Family. There are various pieces of handmade Jewelry on display from simple necklaces to intricate wedding rings.
Business Description:

user posted image

Donelly Family Jewlers

Open: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Closed: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Business Hours: 9am-5pm
Special Information:
-Closed on Festival days
-Walk in requests accepted
-Call in requests accepted
-Special orders welcomed.


And a Home:

Forum Location: Maple Haven Drive
Home Name: Donelly Cabin
Forum Description:
A quaint little cabin at the edge of the forest where Eileen Donelly lives. If you really thought about it, you'd realize everything has been quite meticulously placed.
Home Description:

user posted image

Eileen's Cabin


Posted by: Belle May 3 2018, 08:26 AM
Tanuki, ugh you're so needy. XD Forums are and

Please let a staff member know when you have posted your description so we can pin it for you.
You know the drill.



DMS? Belle ;)

Posted by: HatterHare Jul 26 2018, 09:03 PM
Forum Location: Bluehollow Drive
Forum Name: Suzanna's Caravan
Forum Description: The moveable home of Suzanna O'Neal and her trusty stead, Henry.
Home Description:

Suzanna bought this caravan as a temporary home as she looked around for a permanent town. It still looks pretty new with a few scratches and dinks in it from her travels. Everything is open and flowing on the inside, nothing is hidden away except for the bathroom and a hand-knit cover that blocks her bedroom. There are plants in the windowsills and mason jars holding herbs and cooking ingredients scattered around the kitchen. Her bedroom is very plain with a few small crystals on her dresser.

Forum location: Harvest Street
Business Name: The Glass Vial
Forum Description: A small shop that doesn't seem to quite fit in with the rest of the town. The Glass Vial sells herbal remedies and gemstones claiming to help with a person's energies. All items are found and made locally!
Business Description:

Open Monday - Friday from 9am-5pm
Closed on holidays
Requests for remedies available!
Requests for specific gemstones available for an additional fee!

Posted by: Belle Jul 27 2018, 07:38 AM
HatterHare, your forums have been created. You can find them and

Please let a staff member know when you have posted your description so we can pin it for you.

Posted by: Pocomoke Aug 1 2018, 07:57 PM
Forum Location: AELMERE ROAD
Home Name: Moretti Farm
Forum Description: A small farm owned by the Moretti Family. Current Residents : Ren Moretti, Antonio Moretti, Colette Moretti, Maria Moretti
Home Description:

user posted image

Living Room / Dining Room / Kitchen :

Nonna's Bedroom :

First Floor Bathroom :

Second Floor Bathroom :

Parent's Bedroom :

Ren's Bedroom :

Posted by: Belle Aug 2 2018, 08:50 AM
Pocomoke, your forum has been created. You can find it

Please let a staff member know when you have posted your description so we can pin it for you.

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