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 Alexis Flynn, shhh, nothing to see here
 Posted: Aug 8 2018, 10:44 PM

"I want people to be afraid of how much they love me."

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Alexis Flynn
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Name - Alexis Dominique Flynn
Nicknames - Alex
Age - 22
Birthday - Autumn 1
Gender - Female
Marital Status - Single
Sexuality - Pansexual
Face Claim - Camren Bicondova

Origin - Westhaven
Home - Westhaven
Occupation - Police Officer

Height - 5' 2"
Weight - 111 lbs
Appearance -
At first glance, Alexis appears to still be a young teen. She’s small and petite with wild reddish brown hair. She keeps it cut short and it’s a curly mess that she doesn’t even bother to try to tame anymore. If she’s bored, she might run a flatiron through it for a straighter look.

Alexis has green piercing eyes and a round, child-like face. Her skin is pale and burns easily in the sun. If she blushes or is short of breath, it is easier to see by the way her cheeks flare up.

Alexis appears non-threatening to others, but she can kick ass if she needs to.

Personality -
Alex is a big believer in ‘do no harm but take no shit.’ She doesn’t go out of her way to be mean or nasty to anyone, but she stands up for what she believes is right, and she won’t let anyone talk down to her or her friends. When she’s on duty you see her true Irish temper come out with criminals and wrongdoers.

Alex often acts tougher than she is to make up for her lack of an intimidating look. Within her line of work, she often isn’t taken serious, not only by her peers, but by the general public as well. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and can certainly hold her own in a fight.

Alexis is a very energetic individual and she's afraid of very little in life. Even with things she is afraid of, if someone else with her is afraid, she becomes brave for the both of them.

Wishes -
    *To be taken seriously by other cops and the general public
    *Own a pair of Fennec Foxes
Fears -
    *Porcelain dolls
    *Death of a fellow officer

Talents -
Inabilities -
    *Shortsighted - Alexis has trouble seeing the big picture and often acts without thinking.
    *Giving up nicotine - A bad habit from her teen years, Alex is often seen with a cigarette between her lips.
    *Overambitious - Alex comes from little and she has worked hard to get where she is. It's still not good enough for her and she plans to keep climbing the ladder.
Family -
Malachi Flynn - Father
Alma Flynn - Mother
Travis Flynn - Older Brother (+5)

Backstory -
Alexis is the youngest child of the Flynn family. Originally immigrants of Ireland, Alma and Malachi Flynn came to Westhaven City a few years before the birth of their first child. They hoped to give a better life for their children in a big city than they could have provided them in the small town of Cong. Unfortunately, they ended up working just as hard to provide for their family in Westhaven.

The Flynns struggled to keep the bills paid with two young children. Malachi worked two jobs, one as overnight security in Bellissimo and another as a grocery store clerk at the local store. Alma brought in some extra cash for the family by cleaning houses in the Whitmont community and through Malachi’s job at the store, they were able to get slight discount on groceries. They didn’t live comfortably, but they managed to pay the bills on time.

Alexis was happy in her childhood. She didn’t have all the shiny new toys, but her parents did their best to keep the kids happy and used what little money they had left over from bills to buy small gifts for them.

One gift was an old cop movie that Alexis fell in love with. She watched the movie almost every day when she was first gifted it. From the moment she saw that film she told her parents she was going to be a cop when she grew up. They didn’t think she would do it because she was small and not very intimidating as a cop should be, but she proved them wrong and graduated from the academy and quickly signed up for the Westhaven Police Department.
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