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 Ruby Reina Reyes, king of burgling, queen of dispatching
 Posted: Aug 2 2018, 03:14 PM

coolest kid this side of the atlantic

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Ruby R. Reyesuser posted image

General Information
"Here is to you honey,
But I'm out of your league"

NAME - Ruby Reina Reyes
AGE - 34
BIRTHDAY - Summer 23
GENDER - Female
SEXUALITY - Homosexual
FACE CLAIM - Stephanie Beatriz
THEME SONG - Try It Again (The Hives)

Location Information
"Never gonna pass me,
'Cause I'm out of your league, your league"

ORIGIN - Westhaven City
HOME - Westhaven City
OCCUPATION - Hospital 911 dispatcher by night, burglar by day

Physical Information
"But I move like a landslide,
So get out of my way and stay away"

HEIGHT - 5'9
WEIGHT - 132lbs

Ruby is tall and slim, her muscles toned from running. With dark brown hair, brown eyes, and tanned olive skin, Ruby is a pretty Latina belle. Her hair is naturally curly and Ruby tends to wear it down as it is, though in the summer when it becomes frizzy from the humidity, Ruby forces it back to contain the mess.

Ruby favours clothes that are black, dark, or deep jewel-coloured tones. She likes to dress to impress, often wearing form-fitting dresses and tight-clothing that accentuate her curves and heels that show off her long legs. However, Ruby is no idiot and doesn't kit herself out fully in designer clothes that would arouse interest given her meagre salary. She's just good at bargain hunting as well as being aided by a body that looks good whatever she wears. Ruby wears a full face of makeup most days, always taking the time to put on a pair of false lashes even if she's had less than four hours of sleep.

When it comes to burgling houses, Ruby keeps it simple. Jeans and a plain t-shirt, baseball cap to shield her face from any security cameras on her way to her destination, and finally a balaclava and gloves when the time is right for robbery.

Mental Information
"Up from the floor on the count of ten,
Oh you get up, you get down and you try it again"

Ruby is a cocky, confident woman who's successfully lived a double life since she was 16. She's proud of all she's achieved over the last two decades and how she's elevated herself from poverty to comfort, even prouder for having done it through illegal means.

Her outward persona to her friends, acquaintances, and her enemies is that of a sociable, fun-loving woman who loves a good party on weekends. Ruby has a good sense of humour and can often be heard laughing and joking around. To those who like her, she's simply Ruby the 911 dispatcher who can be relied upon to crack a good joke when the mood is downtrodden. And for those who dislike her, it's usually because Ruby has a tendency to be bold to the point of rudeness, and not because she robbed their grandmother's house last weekend.

As far as Ruby's aware, nobody knows about her criminal lifestyle. Ruby may not be book smart but she is cleverly calculating. She hasn't been caught for anything but petty shoplifting, and that was back in her teens when she was just staring out. Now Ruby sticks to her

Ruby is fairly aimless in life. She doesn't have wishes beyond hoping that her favourite coffee shop is open on her way to work.

Ruby doesn't dwell on it often but her biggest fear is going to prison. It just doesn't look like a lot of fun, OK?

Stealing - Ruby's track record of seventeen years burglary without arrest is proof she's a good thief. Calculating and clever, Ruby has perfected the art of breaking and entering. Whether it's shimmying up drainpipes to enter open third floor windows or picking locks, Ruby knows how to get in, steal the shit she wants, and get back out without arousing suspicion.

Running – Both as a hobby and an emergency getaway plan, Ruby has the stamina and strength that make her a great runner. You can spot her on her daily evening run around the university district.

Resilient – It’s damn near impossible to freak Ruby out. She’s quick-thinking, immune to stress, and incredibly adaptable making it easy for her to deal with anything.

Untrustworthy - Is this bad trait of hers honestly a surprise? Although Ruby won't steal your shit if she classifies you as a friend, don't expect her to be loyal. If Ruby can gain at somebody else's expense, she won't hesitate to fuck them over.

Overconfident – Though Ruby’s confidence makes her sociable and fun to be around, it can make Ruby presumptuous. She can go too far, say things that are way inappropriate, and it’s a miracle her overconfidence hasn’t gotten her in any real trouble yet.

Selfish – Ruby’s only concern is herself. She can be completely remorseless when she hurts someone if the gain she receives from doing so is for herself.

Historical Information
"You're ready for a new round,
Don't it look like it's gonna be fun, be fun"

As far as Ruby knows, she has no family. She was dumped at one of the worst orphanages in town as a baby so figures that even if she had family that were alive, she wouldn't want to know them anyway.

Ruby doesn't know when exactly she was born. All she knows was that she was less than a few weeks old when she was dropped off at an orphanage doorstep, so she takes that day as her official birthday.

Whoever dropped her off didn't care for her at all. Ruby was barely wrapped in a blanket when the house mother found her and it was only because of the summer sun that she'd been found alive and not dead. The house mother later tried to sugar-coat it all for the inquisitive seven-year-old Ruby, saying that there were many reasons parents had to leave their children, like that they were too poor, too scared, and didn't believe they could provide the best life for their child. Ruby knew bullshit when she heard it and chose to believe the teenagers of the orphanage who told her that she was probably given up so her mother could continue to spend all her money on drugs.

Though the house mother was kind, the orphanage was not a place where those leaving the system were exemplar citizens. Located in one of the roughest Westhaven districts with too many children and not enough money in the budget for all of them, it was common for the orphanage's kids to get into trouble. Attending a bad school, they had no motivation for much in life leading to apathy being rife in their decisions. Thieving was particularly common in the orphanage, and Ruby was taught to shoplift at fourteen by the older kids in the house. She showed an immediate knack for remaining calm and swiftly stealing, even if she was sometimes caught in her first year for being too greedy. Ruby slowly learned from her mistakes, developing her criminal skills. After the age of sixteen, Ruby swiped objects from shops with ease and by the time she was seventeen, Ruby was skilled enough that she no longer crossed paths with the police.

After graduating high school with virtually no future prospects, Ruby worked as a waitress. Although her juvenile record was now locked and protected, she had nothing good to make her more employable. Frustrated working for a shady employer that paid her less than minimum wage and told her to make up the rest in tips, Ruby was all ears when a former friend from her orphanage offered her an opportunity to make easy money.

Breaking and entering was new to Ruby but she wasn't afraid to take the leap from petty theft to serious burglary. Working together as a duo, their targets were other poor homes in the area they lived belonging to the forgotten of society. The locks were outdated and great beginner training and when they couldn't pick the lock, they could easily kick down the old wooden doors. Being careful to pick houses they knew didn't belong to dangerous people, collecting money and valuables was easy. Any opposition was quickly quelled by pointing a fake gun, the tip coloured with marker pen to make it look real.

The profits weren't ludicrous and often a raid mostly just covered a month's worth of rent, bills, and groceries, but Ruby was thrilled with it. It was an easy way to get money, one that she actually loved and found excitement in doing. She spent two more years robbing similar targets with her friend before Ruby began to dream bigger. With her friend not sharing the same sentiment and wanting to stick to safer targets, Ruby began to work solo.

With carefully thought-out plans rivalling those of any respectable businessmen, Ruby began to work her way up to robbing high-profit homes like those in Whitmont Community. She was successful in her ventures with only a few close calls, and soon Ruby found herself elevated out of poverty. She no longer had to count coins to see if she had enough for the phone bill. She had savings, hundreds of thousands of Gs worth in savings, unheard of for an orphan.

Ruby's mid-to-late twenties were her most active criminal years, with an average of three burglaries a season. She kept the same hours at her old job to avoid any suspicion, right up until it finally closed down shortly after Ruby turned thirty.

Following the loss of her waitress job, her experience in a fast-paced, stressful environment as well as her stellar interview performance landed her a job working as a 911 dispatcher. Although Ruby had intended for it to be a cover job for her illicit activity, she ended up both being good at and loving her job. With it providing a more reasonable salary and her having a few decades worth of assets and savings to tide her over, Ruby took more night shifts and robbed less houses.

Although Ruby realised she'd secured herself a comfortable lifestyle and that she as able to quit burgling, she still robs houses when the mood strikes her. After almost a lifetime of adrenaline from taking things, Ruby is addicted and can't quit.
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