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 Tuesday is Close Enough to Friday, OPEN
 Posted: Feb 7 2017, 03:11 PM

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She slyly asked him if he wanted her back at his place, and though he wouldn’t have minded having someone fill his needs tonight, she was clearly too drunk. He didn’t plan on having her wake up only to accuse him of taking advantage of her. He didn’t need attention falling on him when it came to the public, so tonight he decided against it. “No, I think tonight you need to go home.” He did however take out a paper and wrote something down, handing her the number to the condo. “However, try asking me another night when we know each other a little better, you may just get a different answer.” He answered with a wink. Honestly, he’d be more than happy to get away from her. He’d had enough for one night.

“Here we are.” He said as he located the train station. “It was a pleasure, Dani.” He said with a smile.

Anything but.


 Posted: Feb 8 2017, 01:17 AM

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“No, I think tonight you need to go home.”

"Aww, alright. Maybe next time." Dani pouted, not even noticing that Leo had begun writing down his number until he was placing that paper in your hand. It took her a few moments to even recognize that it was a phone number until Leo began speaking again.

“However, try asking me another night when we know each other a little better, you may just get a different answer.” Leo explained to her with a wink. Dani nodded and blushed slightly, placing the phone number in her pocket. She would probably forget about it until she went to do laundry, but hopefully she would remember how she got the number in the first place. She'd figure that out later.

"I will, don't you worry." Dani told him as they approached the train station. How did they get there? Dani didn't really remember. Most of the night was already beginning to blur together into an incoherent memory, and the walk to the station was one of those.

“Here we are. It was a pleasure, Dani.”

"Same to you, Leo." the girl told him before turning and heading to the station. She stopped for the moment and turned back to him, giving him a final wave before heading to the train that would take her home. Fortunately the girl remembered Leo and the paper with his number, which she stored away for later use.
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