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 Declan McCreery
 Posted: Mar 13 2018, 03:26 AM

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Name - Declan Theodore McCreery
Nicknames - None
Age - 46
Birthday - Winter 18th
Gender - Male
Marital Status - Divorced
Face Claim - Steve Buscemi


Origin - Westhaven
Home - Ioana Valley
Occupation - Fireman


Height - 5'10"
Weight - 150 lbs.
    When you think "fireman", Declan isn't really what you'd picture. He's about average height and average weight, and has more of a "dad bod" than one that looks like it could chop through a door in a few seconds. He used to be more on the fit side, but since he's recently let the younger men take all the action and glory, he's let himself go. After all, he's not really trying to impress anyone after the divorce. He lets his personality do the talking when it comes to making friends. He's heard people call his large, blue eyes unsettling, but he tries to not let it get to him. His hairline is receding as he gets older, and more and more often he finds gray threaded through the dark brown.

    As one should be in his profession, Declan is a friendly guy. He's always willing to lend a hand if asked and will sometime give it even if no one did. If you need help with a task, he's the guy to call, and won't expect back much of anything in return. He does his best to try and get along with all types and is often seen as a mediator of sorts when things get out of hand.

    Perhaps this is because of his relaxed nature. He's definitely a go-with-the-flow sort of person, and doesn't see the point in worrying about much if there's nothing that can be done. Missed an exit on a highway? Well, he can always get the next one and turn around. Got a bad haircut? Hair always grows out!

    He's also a little bit on the lazy side when it comes to his own life. He's more of a homebody than anything, and would rather be taking a nap or reading a book instead of going out on the town. In previous jobs, he got into trouble for dawdling around instead of doing busywork. Subsequently, his house is frequently messy as he puts off doing chores until they absolutely need to be done.

    If there's one thing in life he does worry about, though, it's his daughter. When Daisy was born, Declan felt a shift in his life and an overwhelming love he'd never felt before. He'd give up everything for his daughter, even his last breath if it meant she could live. He spoiled her more than he should have when she was a baby, and was perhaps a little lax when giving out punishments, but he was a great father overall. He calls his daughter regularly and visits when he can and gets excited when she comes to pay him a visit in Ioana.

    He has a hard time saying no to more people than just his daughter. He's always been a follower more than a leader and would prefer other people to be in charge and make the decisions. So when someone asks him to do something, as long as he has no moral qualms about it, he simply goes along with it. His ex-wife has called him a pushover on more than one occasion.
  • for his daughter to succeed in life
  • to potentially find love again
  • to win an award for his chili
  • something happening to his daughter
  • clowns and mannequins
  • being too old to help out the fire department
  • cooking chili
  • making dad jokes and horrible puns
  • drawing
  • baking
  • freezes under pressure
  • saying no

  • Caitlin McCreery - 63, Mother
  • Joseph McCreery - 67, Father
  • Daisy McCreery - 19, Daughter
  • Teresa Hale - 42, Ex-wife
    Declan was born in Westhaven to Caitlin and Joseph McCreery. The small family lived in an apartment above a corner store Joseph and Caitlin ran. It was expected that, once he was old enough, Declan would take over. For the most part, Declan thought he would take over the store, too. He didn't have too many passions, so any job that paid the bills would be good enough for him.

    At least, that's how it was until he met Teresa. After dating for a while, Teresa professed that she had an attraction to fireman. Declan, eager to please and impress her, became a fireman himself. Soon after, they were married. He was 21 and she was 20. His parents couldn't be too disappointed at the noble choice, though now they would have to look for someone else to manage the shop once they got too old.

    Three years later, they had Daisy and decided one child was enough.

    Declan fought his fair share of fires, though when possible, he would stay behind. He often worried what would happen if he were to die, leaving Daisy and Teresa behind. The thought alone made him feel sick. He was often left the task of dispatching and cooking. He had no qualms with either, and was more than happy to practice grilling out and making chili. He became pretty well known for his chili throughout the precinct and often had fellow fire department members ask him for his recipe. He kept it to himself, however, enjoying the ego boost whenever anyone complimented him.

    After 17 years of marriage, Declan and Teresa grew apart. They still loved each other, but they were no longer in love. With no hard feelings, the couple divorced, and Declan still considers Teresa a close friend. Still, it was hard to be so close to her, so Declan moved to the nearby town of Ioana and joined the fire department there. He misses his daughter terribly, but tries to see her weekly and calls her nearly every day. The only room in the house he keeps immaculately clean is the guest bedroom, should she decide to come visit.
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