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 My Super Senses Are Tingling Pt. 2, The Whisper (Solo)
 Posted: Mar 2 2018, 09:22 PM

Walking the line between discontent and disaster

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The acrid smell of smoke still tinged the air as a lone figure looked down from their vantage point on a nearby roof. In the alley below, a German shepherd sat vigilant, ears pricked for the slightest of sounds as she awaited her master. The Whisper blended easily into the skyline, the white in her outfit only helping as moon beams spilled across the sleepy town of Ioana Valley. She had no fear of being seen, not in Ioana at this time of night. Besides, no one ever looked up.

The burnt out husk of the left side of the library stood below her, the tang of the air coming off of it still enough to make her eyes water, and she was glad for the slight breeze whisking the smoke away from her. She wouldn't be so lucky on the ground. She made her way down regardless, carefully and quickly descending the fire escape in a way that made almost no noise. She touched down with a soft thud and gestured to the dog, who heeled immediately.

”Okay, girl. Smell this.” She said, holding up a rag she had held over her stove's pilot light for a few seconds before it was lit. It smelled heavily of natural gas to her already, Ioke would be able to pick up the scent no problem. The dog sniffed the rag and put her nose to the ground, sniffing around in an expanding circle for a while before coming back to sit in front of The Whisper, head cocked to one side.

”I knew something fishy was going on!” She whisper-yelled, taking another rag out of one of the belts on her hand-dandy utility belt. ”Try this one.” She told the dog, holding out the gasoline-soaked rag for the dog to smell. Ioke sniffed it and reeled back, the scent obviously overpowering for her sensitive nose. But this time the dog took off like a shot, following the trail into the ruins of the left side of the library.

Ioke took her directly to the archives, sniffing around in a circle before barking twice to signify that she'd found what she had been tasked with finding. The Whisper scoured the scene, taking pictures with her expensive top-of-the-line camera she had gotten just for crime solving, small enough to fit in her utility belt. She bagged up some ashes, and a few more bits of evidence to test at home. She doubted she would be able to find anything, her expertise was in military logistics and history not fire investigation. But any way she could contribute to the investigation, she would try to.

Storing all of the bags in her various pockets, she called for the dog and took off through the darkness towards the outskirts of town, ducking between buildings and behind trees the whole way. When she got to the woods, she dove behind a bush and quickly changed her clothes, shoving her gear into a backpack. Through the darkness, she and Ioke crept carefully through the woods, the moonlight lighting their way just enough to keep them from breaking any ankles.

She waited for a few long moments before emerging onto the lonely dirt road she had left her car on to make sure no one was passing through. When she was satisfied the coast was clear, she rushed for the car and opened the door for the dog, quickly circling to the driver's side and high tailing it back to Westhaven.

On the drive back, she couldn't help but think back on the conversation she'd had with Andy about how nothing exciting ever happened in Ioana. Nothing exciting her left foot. There was something rotten in Ioana, she just knew it. And she was going to find out what it was. It was her duty as a hero! Westhaven wasn't her only responsibility, after all. Maybe it was time to finally give in to Andy's unsubtle suggestions and spend some time in Ioana.
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