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 5. The Staffing Team and Their Roles, Written by Ethereal
Summers Past
 Posted: Jul 12 2015, 08:35 AM


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The Staffing Team and Their Roles

Although all staff are more than happy to assist you however they can, certain staff members have specialities and tasks that they are in charge of. Questions about a particular subject should be directed to the associated staff member, otherwise the answer may be vague or not of use to you! It is also worth taking note of the timezones of staff members so that you know roughly who will be on the site at what time.

Head Administrator
    • Greenwich Mean Time (UTC +0)
    • Plot
    • Site coding (HTML, CSS, BBCode)
    • Troubleshooting related to the site skin
    • Advertising and affiliates
    • Archiving
    • Tumblr manager
    • Resident tea connoisseur
    • Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5)
    • Chat box
    • Public relations
    • Home and business guides
    • Forum and topic locations
    • Twitter & Instagram manager
    • Master of member shipping
    • Central European Time (UTC +1)
    • Advertising
    • New Member Advisor
    • Topic button dictator
    • Perfect cuddly bear

Note by that all staff members will participate in approving character, homes, and business applications, as well as running festivals and answering general questions.
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