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Pencil Admin Put your pencil in the air and get ready to write! This member has a character approved for the roleplay.
Harmony Day Year Two Aunt Bessy found her perfect match for you, but hopefully your date wasn't a dud.
100 Posts Admin You made your first 100 posts! Thank you for making so many posts!
Spotlight - September 2016 Admin With her sarcastic quips and backstory that'll make you want to cry, it's no wonder that Hayden has found her way into the spotlight. After all, how could managing to get the impossible Eugene to warm up a little not be worthy of such a commendation?
Spring Fling Year Two Dancing and flowers, surrounded by your fellow villagers. What better way to end Spring?
Beach Year Two The sun, the sand, and the sea! Hopefully you had a good Beach Day, and, if you didn't, just be grateful it didn't rain!
500 posts Admin Wow! You've surpassed 500 posts on the board. Thank you for your creativity!
Staff Admin This member is part of the staffing team! Thanks for keeping the site running smoothly!
Camping Year Two You roughed it on the beach for a night with your fellow campers! Did you sleep well?
Bumper Boats Year Two You really knocked them into the water! No really, you sunk their boat. Did you have fun?
Ferris Wheel Year Two That ferris wheel was pretty tall! Hopefully you weren't scared of heights!
Stalls Year Two Did you lose all your money playing the carnival games, or did you eat too much candyfloss and feel a little queasy?
Roller Coaster Year Two You braved heights and nauseating twists and turns and rode the rollercoaster! Go you!
Silver Sailor Year Two The ocean was on your side today. You smooth-sailed right into second place! Congratulations!
Firefly Year Two There's always been something special about sailing lanterns down a river whilst the fireflies dance.
Cancelled Year Two Can you believe it? They cancelled the Horse Races!
1000 posts Admin You've made a total of 1000 posts and have reached the rank of yellow. That's impressive! Thank you for all of your wonderful threads!
Flower Boy Year Two You found the special flower at the Spring Fling and were named Flower Boy!
Pumpkin Festival Year Two The spookiest night of the year came and went. Happy to see the ghouls didn't get ya!
Most Original Costume Year Two You must've worked hard on that one!
SP 100 Gold Award Admin Your passion for roleplay shines as bright as your medal. Congratulations, you completed the SP 100 Challenge!
Baby Boy Year Two Your character had a baby! Congrats on your beautiful bundle of joy.
Winter Solstice Year Two Ice-skating, snowball fights, igloos, and hot chocolate to warm up your hands! Who doesn't love the shortest day of the year?
Yuletide Day Year Two No finer way to spend a magical day than with a special someone.
Yuletide Ball Year Two That was a very glamorous affair! Hope you got your kiss under the mistletoe.
Penny/Barrett Wedding Year Two Your character finally made the trip down the aisle. Here's to many years of marital bliss!
2000 posts Admin Someone is giving out posts like they're candy! Thanks for contributing so much to Summers Past!
Balloon Year Three It wasn't the best-looking festival, but at least you had fun! ... Right?
Harmony Day Year Three Aunt Bessy found her perfect match for you, but hopefully your date wasn't a dud.

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