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 「i saw a fearful, cruel dream of mine」, church takeover au - odette solo
 Posted: Jan 20 2018, 09:40 AM

i've got crippling depression

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| solo | year ? AU | Spring 2 | i fancied death |

She had only been gone for a day - visiting the city to bid happy new year to her parents, to sit down and have a cup of tea and talk about what was going on, but the happiness she had bid her parents apparently was not to look down upon her. She had returned to the church last night, and everything had seemed normal - she had spent some of the night cleaning the church as she always did, kneeled for her nightly prayer to Itris, and then gone to sleep, expecting the new day to carry on as it always had.

But she had been awoken the next morning to a what seemed like endless hammering on the wooden doors of the church, the sound resonating from the stone walls of the church and reaching Odette in her tiny loft room. She quickly clambered out of bed - was it seriously six in the morning? - donned her robes, and the tiny priestess hurried downstairs to open the doors for the early visitors. Odette was never not going to open the door to the church.

But when she saw who was standing there, she wished she could slam the doors back shut again.

Pink eyes landed on the paper that was being held in front of her eyes, and her heart sunk in her chest. Sadness, then anger - because no one had clearly discussed with her this option, and her church - her church - had been sold to these Westhaveners and they were expecting her to go.

"I haven't agreed to this," she looked up at the men in suits, clasping her hands in front of her stomach tightly as she tried her best not to stutter. There was no way she could show any sign of weakness, not when the church, Ioana, and Itris needed her to be strong. She couldn't let them take the church away.

"No matter. The deeds are signed - you have to leave, little lady," the man at the front said, looking as if he was intending on shoving her out of the way to get inside the church. "Clearly Ioana doesn't believe in their Goddess anymore. They don't need you anymore, so you should go pack your things and go." He went to move around her.

Odette decided, in a moment of madness, not to let him.

"No!" she screamed, reaching for the doors and slamming them in his face, running to the back of the church to grab whatever she could. She wasn't going to let them desecrate Itris' sacred ground. She was a priestess of Itris - she wasn't letting anyone take her away from her priestess without a fight. She was, truly, the last wall of defence.

They came crashing into the church, three huge, burly men against a tiny, pink-haired priestess holding a book as a weapon. They didn't hesitate in surrounding her, and even as she hit out as hard as she could with the book she was holding, it didn't stop one of the men picking her up and carrying her away from her beloved altar.

"No! No!" she shrieked, kicking as hard as she could as he dragged her from the church, screaming at the top of her voice in the hope someone would come for her. "This is Itris' ground! You can't have it! This is sacred, you monsters! No!"

But they didn't care. The man continued to manhandle her from the church, as much as she tried to cling on to whatever she could, as much as she tried to kick and scream and hit, and she was thrown outside onto the dewy ground, her church doors slammed in her face and even as she threw herself back up to hammer on the doors, sobbing and screaming, they had been locked, and she could hear them inside discussing what they were going to do with the church.

She slumped to the ground, defeated. She eventually would be able to go back in and retrieve her things, but the world had turned grey. Her dreams, her nightmares, of this day, had come to fruition, and Odette would cry herself to sleep that night, back in the city with parents that now worried for their daughter.

And for the first time, Odette began to doubt her faith.

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