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 Early Morning Thoughts, SOLO, Noica Farm, Saliste, Romania
 Posted: Dec 12 2015, 03:05 PM

La vie est la fleur dont l'amour est le miel.

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Tatiana A. Noica

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{Summer 10: Warm Tuesday Early Morning}

It was a warm morning in Saliste. The farmhands would be arriving soon for their workload to begin prepping for the fall season. Even though it was the middle of Summer, it was never too early to prep the farm for the upcoming season. Summer, like Spring, had been extremely successful, but Tatty didn’t let the success get to her head. In the farming business, no one knew what the seasons could bring. Tatty herself wished she didn’t have to leave the farmhands alone for the fall season, but she had to go to Westhaven. She had to come back from her so called shoots. There were days she wondered if anyone would miss her if she never went back? Would Gavin?

Thinking about him always made her heart ache. She loved him, but she knew he didn’t like this side of her. He loved the cold hearted female who whined until she got what she wanted. Tatty never knew she could ever play such a cold hearted bitch, but her ever-growing hatred for her family fueled that side. Thinking of all the wrong they did to her, how they only thought of themselves, she played that into Lucy. Did she think it was fair that side of her was hurting people? Making them cry? Of course not, but she had to do it. People rarely get noticed for kindness, in the film industry that is. Sure, people would see you if you were great with fans and donated to charities, but that rarely got covered. What got covered were the lashing outs, the arguments, the tears. People liked violence, not the bubbly, pink-cheeked lass.

There were days that Tatty thought she would never be able to break out that role, the role of hating everyone and everything. She needed a time where she could be away from the role as long as possible, even if it meant she could travel to Westhaven for a season. If anything, Tatty preferred being in Westhaven for a short time. The life was stressful and hurting people purposely was tough emotionally. Many times she wanted to apologize for her words and actions could not be counted on the hands and feet of even a hundred people.

Tatty ever wondered if she hurt Gavin. Did she ever make him cry? Feel pain? They had their arguments if one could ever call them that. If anything, it was Lucy commenting on something in an angry voice and Gavin being submissive in his actions. She wondered if he would ever lash back at her, wondered if he talked badly about her when she was gone. Tatty wouldn’t blame him if he did. She wouldn’t blame him if he ever contemplated breaking up with her or even chasing another woman while she was gone.

Lucy was a demon. A woman who only cared for herself. A woman who could act friendly with the right people but be the devil with people whom she thought lower of her. It was all funny, in a way. Acting like a woman who would hate her guts if she ever saw the real person behind the facade.

”C’mon, now, don’t think about that stuff. It’ll only make things worse,” she whispered to herself, her thick accent rolling off her tongue. Fingers ran through thick, shoulder-length waves and pushed up her pair of glasses. After taking a deep breath in, brown eyes looked over the hills that she called home. Would Gavin ever appreciate this as much as I do?
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