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 Suzanna O'Neal, WIP
 Posted: Jul 9 2018, 11:28 AM


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Suzanna O’Neal

Name - Suzanna O’Neal
Nicknames - Sue, Anna, Neal
Age - 26
Birthday - Spring 1
Gender - Female
Marital Status - Widowed

Origin - Shooting Star Hills
Home - Ioana Valley
Occupation - Owner of The Glass Vial

Height - 5’8”
Weight - 130lbs
Voice –
Appearance -
Suzanna is covered in freckles and isn’t afraid to show them off. She has a pale completion and long sandy blonde hair. Her body is rather slender with a bit of curves and a heavy set chest. She tends to wear blouses and off the shoulder sweaters with jeans/skirts, and boots.

Personality - Suzanna used to be a very happy and free-spirited person until the loss of her husband. She is kind and loves to help others when she knows she’s able to. She doesn’t want to overstep her bounds and give people the space that they need. If she can do just one thing to make someone smile, she’ll do it.

Currently, she tends to keep to herself, not wanting to get close to people in fear that she might lose them too. There are times where her true self peaks out when she’s at work or being out by the sea.

Wishes -
http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu12/thewelladmin/yellowstar_zps6bqw9bje.png Learn to move on from Issac.
http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu12/thewelladmin/yellowstar_zps6bqw9bje.png Make townsfolk smile with the items in her shop.
http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu12/thewelladmin/yellowstar_zps6bqw9bje.png Go to therapy.

Fears -
http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu12/thewelladmin/blackheart_zpsowdwhrzt.png Guns
http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu12/thewelladmin/blackheart_zpsowdwhrzt.png Cave-ins
http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu12/thewelladmin/blackheart_zpsowdwhrzt.png Bats

Talents -
http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu12/thewelladmin/purpleheart_zpsserpa5d7.png Can make charms and herbal remedies
http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu12/thewelladmin/purpleheart_zpsserpa5d7.png Has an eye for gems and crystals
http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu12/thewelladmin/purpleheart_zpsserpa5d7.png Can captain a ship

Inabilities -
http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu12/thewelladmin/greyheart_zpsrkvpxnf5.png Can be a shut-in when working
http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu12/thewelladmin/greyheart_zpsrkvpxnf5.png Very emotional about certain topics
http://i629.photobucket.com/albums/uu12/thewelladmin/greyheart_zpsrkvpxnf5.png Has issues asking for help

Family -
Issac O’Neal (Husband | (28) Deceased)

Issac and Suzanna met while Issac was on shore leave. The two would sneak out at night and spend time together and when Issac had to leave, they would send letters to each other every week. Eventually, the two decided to marry, much to the disapproval of Suzanna’s father. They married on his unit’s ship and continued to send letters every time that Issac had to leave for service. Unfortunately, after five years of marriage, Issac was killed by a gunshot wound while overseas.

Kimberly Nax (Grandmother | 79)

Suzanna and her grandmother get along very well. The two of them will sit together for hours and talk about anything that pops into their mind while sipping on some tea they had made. This is where Suzanna gained her fascination with herbs and their medicinal/therapeutic properties.

Luke Nax (Grandfather | 84)

Suzanna’s love for her grandfather is limitless and she will do anything to help him. They would grow veggies together in the summer and look around their property looking for gems and lost relics from years past.

Taylor Nax (Father | 54)

Taylor was the one that raised Suzanna after a nasty falling out with his ex-wife. He felt bad that Suzanna didn’t have a mother figure in her life and did everything that he could to be there for his daughter. He tends to be a bit overprotective of her and can be nosy in her personal life on occasion. He disapproved of Suzanna getting married to a solider and moving out of town.

Renee Jones (Mother | 52)

Renee and her daughter haven’t spoken for many years. After her and Taylor divorced, she didn’t want anything to do with him or anything associated with him. She left Shooting Star Hills and never returned. Six years later, she remarried and had Freddy.

Freddy Jones (Younger Half-Brother | 19)

Freddy got into contact with Suzanna after finding out that he had an older sister by some old pictures his mother had hidden away. He sent a letter to her to let her know that he existed and the two communicate via letters at least once a month.

Backstory -
Suzanna is the only child of Taylor Nax and Renee Jones. The two fell in love when they were very young but their marriage didn’t last for long. The two argued about anything and everything from the moment they tied the knot. They thought that if they started a family that maybe that could help fix their already broken marriage but, two years after having Suzanna, they decided to call it quits. Renee moved out of Shooting Star Hills the following week, not even saying goodbye.

Taylor did everything he could to support Suzanna throughout her life. He taught her the meaning of a hard day’s work and how to be a responsible and respectful young women. The two would visit his parents every week and Suzanna quick took up the hobbies of making herbal medicine, charm making, and gem collecting. Her grandparents loved her and wanted to hide her away from the people that left her life.

When Suzanna was about eighteen, she met a young man named Issac who had been on shore leave. The two fell in love quickly and would sneak around the small town to spend time with each other until Issac had to leave. Once he was gone, they started sending each other letters and when Issac returned, they two married. Suzanna sailed the seas with Issac’s company for a few years until they were sent farther out and into dangerous territories. It wasn’t long after this that Suzanna heard word that Issac had been killed in action.

Not knowing what to do and not wanting to be in her hometown anymore, Suzanna decided to head out on her own and learn to handle the grief in her own way. She bought a caravan and took her grandfather’s horse and set her sights on another town that needed some love, just like her.
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