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 Final Curtain Call
 Posted: Apr 6 2018, 01:11 AM

"Reality is an illusion. The universe is a hologram. Buy go

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[Trigger Warning]
Dani Miller Spring 23rd Y3

It had been one thing after the next with her for almost a whole season now. Actually, it felt like that with her entire life. Once Dani thought that she had been doing better with herself, the universe decided that it wanted to screw her over just for the fun of it. First it was with her entire childhood, then it was with the last town she lived in, and then it was all the crap that had happened over the past year. Gavin had left her, and to top it off, her father came back into her life to hit one final blow.

This wasn’t even touching her house or her shop.

Dani was a lifetime of issues in a small package, what could she say?

She confronted her problems as usual, with a ton of alcohol. Lucky for her there were plenty of guys (and even some gals) who were willing to buy her a shot. Honestly she lost track of how many she had after the fourth one. Not that it matter, as what felt like a short time later the bartender cut her off due to her being “too drunk.”

What did that even mean?

Dani decided to just take her little pity party elsewhere, making her way out of the bar. By the time she had left the establishment, the first few shots of tequila hit her, making her vision blurry and movements slow.

She was also cold for some reason. Wasn’t it supposed to be getting warmer now that Summer was approaching?

The girl was unsure of where she could go next. She considered another bar, but if she was thrown out of the last establishment, she was sure that the next one would refuse to serve her as well. She could always hit up her dealer. Dani owed him quite a bit, but she knew how to make it up to him. Now to just get to his apartment…

Which was was that again?

Dani just picked a direction and wandered that way for a good minute. It had to be in this direction, right? This was the way she always went, at least so she convinced herself.

Wait, why was everything spinning…?


To the few people that were walking around in the city, Dani slowly tipped to the left until she completely passed out on the ground. Her body was cold as ice, and her breath was irregular. It wasn’t long before 911 was called.
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