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Posted by: Aunt Bessy Mar 22 2016, 06:58 PM
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"Who am I? Why, dearie, you don't get out much, do you?"
    Aunt Bessy is a lonely old lady who gets her kicks out of snooping around for juicy gossip and then blabbering about it to the world! Nothing is too scandalous for Aunt Bessy to repeat, and she’ll share all of her gossip for you in this nice, comprehensive forum topic. Check back here regularly for the latest goss on the streets!
"Have you heard? Have you heard?"
    Aunt Bessy will, without fail, give you the deets about site-wide festivals and events (encompassing things such as plot events, character weddings, and baby births!) However, Aunt Bessy will only gossip about ordinary threads if a little birdie approaches her beforehand.
"You've got something to tell me? Come on then, spit it out child!"
    To be one of Aunt Bessy’s little birdies helping keep everybody in the know, you must make sure that the thread you’re nattering to her about is one that you’re actively participating in, otherwise Aunt Bessy won’t trust your word is accurate! So long as one of your characters is participating in a thread, you can submit it to Aunt Bessy for her to share.
"Your secret is safe with me."
    Anything said by Aunt Bessy automatically becomes public knowledge. This means that any characters, whether they were originally involved in the thread or not, can know about the events that happened if you decide that they heard the gossip – however note that the extent of their knowledge is limited to what Aunt Bessy said! So, if two characters originally hugged but Aunt Bessy said they kissed, characters that heard the gossip would, of course, be lead to believe that the two characters kissed.
"Oh, you don't want to hear my latest bit of gossip? Well, aren't you a bore."
    Aunt Bessy’s Gossip is all in good fun and is only meant for a little entertainment as well as to make character relations a little deeper! However, if you would like for your threads and your characters to be omitted from being gossiped about, simply PM the Aunt Bessy account saying so. After all, there’s no fun in gossip if you don’t want to hear it!
"Have you got something you want to tell me, little birdie?"
    Fill in the following form and PM it to the account.

    [b]THREAD LINK:[/b] [i]"Show me where it happened, then!"[/i]
    [b]CHARACTERS INVOLVED:[/b] [i]"Who was there? I must know names!"[/i]
    [b]SCANDALOUS SUMMARY:[/b] [i]"What happened? Was it juicy? Was it scandalous? Tell me!"[/i]

    Aunt Bessy will then review what you've told her and share it with the site! Don't worry, Aunt Bessy never reveals her sources so you'll remain anonymous... that is, unless you don't want to be!

Posted by: Aunt Bessy Apr 13 2016, 04:55 PM
Daaarlings, do I have some gossip for you!

Let's begin with that Kyle Weisser, gosh, what a hunk, but apparently he's not as savoury as that delicious exterior would like you to think. Apparently he's been harbouring a missing person! Can you believe that? A missing girl, such a cute and sweet thing according to my little birdie, and he's kidnapped her and kept that princess up in a tower. Gosh golly, I daren't even think what he's doing with her; it breaks my itty bitty heart, I tell you, it breaks my achy breaky heart!

On another note, did you hear? Lisbeth Kimura and Penelope Pippin are... lesbians! My own personal gossip gal saw them with her own two eyes, lesbianing together! Her own two eyes, I tell you! I've always thought they were a bit... out there with their slinky-dinky clothes and those waggling eyebrows, but I never thought that they preferred taco to sausage! Poor things, I don't think they've come out yet. I've seen both canoodling around town with men, hiding their true love for each other. Oh dear, it's like Romeo and Juliet all over again! I'll wear my darling rainbow appliqué on my new cardigan tomorrow to show my support.


SOURCE (Autumn 30, Yr 1)
Tarry, Hakumei, Ethereal

Posted by: Aunt Bessy Jun 28 2016, 10:02 AM
So sorry to have left you without gossip for so long, my lovelies. Your dear aunt absolutely detests the cold of winter, so I hopped on the first plane departing Westhaven and went off to somewhere a little more sunny! I got rather a nice tan! But don't worry - I know what aaall you little savages have been up to since I've been gone!

I don't use the words savages ironically, my dears. Let's begin with our first scandalous affair, shall we? It's quite scandalous indeed, as I'm sure you'll agree! That Sarah Dubois, she was pregnant... out of wedlock! She gave birth to a darling little boy, but gosh, the poor thing to be born into a life of such shame. I heard that she was a runaway bride, and a runaway she is! I haven't seen her once since I've returned. How shameful.

Apparently quite a few girls in Ioana are a little more promiscuous than their pretty faces want to admit. I heard Fiona Goodfellow kissed a boyfriend when she was a teenager, and not her boyfriend, either! No, she kissed her friend's boyfriend! Good golly, what a terrible thing to do, and what a terrible friend she must be! It breaks my heart to realise that the youth of today don't value their friendships like we used to when I was their age. I would have never dared do anything like that to my beloved Beatrice! Well... yes, I did once spread a rumour that she was pregnant and her parents did kick her out of the house, buuut that was just a joke, my dears! It's all water under the bridge now.

Now, how about some gossip about that Yuletide Ball? Such a wonderfully lavish affair, or at least as much as we can expect from Ioana. I heard that there was even an ice sculpture of the Harvest Goddess (Goddess bless our souls), but that didn't last very long, now did it? I heard that the Sherriff of Westhaven, Ender, is quite the despicable man! Oh yes indeed, for he tried to kill the town secretary, Penelope! One of my little birds saw him push the sculpture, and oh my lovelies, what a different story this might have been if that blacksmith (what's his name... Keaton? He's so elusive, I forget his name) hadn't swooped in and saved her! If I see that policeman, I shall be having quite a few words with him, quite a few words indeed!

On a lighter note, let's rejoice in matters of true love. Ah yes, love! It's wonderful thing, isn't it? Well, my ex-husband didn't agree, but he's wrong! Derek, you're wrong, do you hear me? Wrong! Ahem... congratulations to our newlyweds, Robin and Killian, who became one under the eyes of our Goddess, Itris, on Winter 26! What's that you say? I know, right? Robin was engaged to that Jonah fellow, but I never liked him. I'm glad he's out of the picture. Robillian for life, as the hip kids say these days! Ship names are all the rage, and your Aunt Bessy is 'down' with it!


SOURCES (Winter 6, Yr 1)
Tecri (Many Years Ago)
Tecri (Winter 24, Yr 1)
Ethereal, Aofie, Hakumei (Winter 26, Yr 1)
Tecri, Belle

Posted by: Aunt Bessy Jul 4 2016, 04:18 PM
My, my, my. After my glorious return to Ioana, it seems you little birdies started buzzing with all the gossip you needed to tell me! My throat might become quite parched if I reveal all right now, but fear not. Come back later, when I've had time to sip on my margarita, and I'll reveal more.

Today, let's talk about four people in particular - Brine, Ender, Celeste, and Penelope.

If you don't know Brine, she's the girl with the blue hair who says that she's a mermaid. I didn't believe it, but apparently it's true! Yes, would you believe it? I heard that cop - you know, the despicable one - has been keeping her in his bathtub all throughout the Yuletide season! What a way to treat a lady! Seems like somebody needs a lesson in chivalry!

Then again, perhaps the reason Ender seems to be so bad at treating the ladies right is because he might be making the heart-eyes for the same gender. That's right, folks! It seems our exasperating Ender has a thing for men, and not just any man either, oh no! Ender Basco has been seen making lovey eyes for Killian! My own source - whom I shall never reveal - saw it at Belham Bar, and then she saw him again, at dear old Killian's wedding looking quite sad! No doubt he was sad that his beloved was no longer available! Poor thing. Perhaps I'll wear my rainbow applique for him, too, if he behaves, that is.

Regardless, your Aunt Bessy is quite upset today, my loves, because I heard terrible news! Apparently, my favourite chocolatier, Celeste, who makes the most divine chocolates is going to have to close up shop soon! After all, rumour has it she's pregnant... and with a demon baby! I'm not surprised, really. I've heard the woman's always had a sharp tongue and dark eyes. Classic demon traits if you ask me.

Mermaids, demons... what's next, you may ask? Sirens! The city and valley are apparently brimming with magical creatures, and our next one is the siren, Penelope Pippin. Some say she used her charm at the Yuletide Ball to make men fall all over her! Others say she's just easy. To quote my little gossiping friend: "Who would fall for that uncouth, barbarian of a woman?" Harsh, but I've heard Penelope is merciless when it comes to collecting taxes! I probably ought to avoid her for a while, in that case...


SOURCES (Winter 5, Yr 1)
ObliviousO, Aofie (Winter 12, Yr 1)
Belle, Aofie (Winter 26, Yr 1)
Belle, Aofie (Winter 24, Yr 1)
Rii, Ethereal

Posted by: Aunt Bessy Jul 20 2016, 04:12 PM
Your Aunt B does love her a good love story, oh yes she does. As for this next one, perhaps it's not a love story as it is one of friendship, but your Aunt B knows all! George Burton and Brandyn Coulter, you can pretend to be platonic, but I know you're more than that! Allow me to explain...

I was at Westhaven Hospital - oh, don't worry about me, pet, I was just having my vitals checked and flirting with the cute doctor - when I saw them with my own two eyes. Sat out in the open air, wrapped up in their darling knitwear, and enjoying a nice steaming beverage together. Adorable, wouldn't you say? Well, that seeming harmony didn't last long for some awful young men decided to throw an iceball at the blonde smiley one, George! Well didn't my heart just break there and then, such disrespect for the disabled was shown! And, of course, my heart only broke further when I watched his friend, Bran, leap onto them from his wheelchair to try teach them a lesson! That policeman, Ender, broke up the fight, thankfully, though I'm haunted by the thought of what further atrocity might have happened!

I don't normally like Ender (I'd rather like to send him to my reform school; he needs to learn some manners), but he saved the day in this case. But still, wouldn't you agree, my loves, that it's awfully strange a man in a wheelchair, clearly disadvantaged before a large group of able men, would defend his friend without question like that? Or, should I say 'friend'? I'm onto you, Brandyn!


SOURCE (Winter 15, Yr 1)
Ethereal, Hakumei, Aofie

Posted by: Aunt Bessy Mar 25 2018, 02:27 PM
Well, my dears. It has been quite the eventful season thus far, has it not? Let's begin with the solemn news before we get to the good, juicy stuff.

Did you hear? Of course you did. The library went up in flames! Nobody was hurt, bless dear Itris, but the archives are all but destroyed! Why, the article celebrating my crowning as Miss Ioana was in there! Devastating, I know. Future Ioanians will never be able to gaze upon those photos again, and I'll have you know that I looked quite the voluptuous lady in a one-piece swimsuit. Almost as devastating as that is the news that the fire was the result of arson! Who would do such a thing? I urge all of you, my dear children, to seek out the truth!

Of course, our finest folk are already on the case (Ender, my pet, note that doesn’t include you, I’m most sorry). Not only are the police conducting a thorough investigation, one of my night-owl birdies spotted a person whom she believed to be The Whisper. Can you believe that? Even a superhero is concerning themselves with our sweet little village. The Whisper was seen poking around the scene of the crime for clues with her sidekick, a darling doggy! Go, my dear, go! Solve the mystery!

Now, onto the more entertaining stuff. I know you’re all DYING to hear the scandals of savages!

Firstly, it seems like that little minx Finnley Hauser is fumbling around with some other man! She was seen leaving the Yuletide Ball with him. He was quite the hottie and your Aunt B wouldn’t be opposed to having a slice of that pie for herself, but one can only feel utterly heartbroken for her beau, poor Samuel Barker! Why, they were my – how do the kids say it these days? – only true pairing! Quick, eligible young ladies of Ioana! Throw yourselves at the man and cure his heartbreak! Nobody should be without romance in the season of love.

Love is rocky over in Westhaven too, it would seem. If you recall, the king of Westhaven, Oliver Triston, went off the market to pursue a monogamous (I still can’t believe it!) relationship with Scout Layton. But, your dear Aunt Bessy has come to possess quite a few nasty notes that Scout has been receiving. Be gone, jealous witches! Don’t you dare destroy the romance between Scout and Oliver with your falsehoods! Believe me, my loves. Scout, you listen in particular. Your Aunt B knows everything that goes on. Not one misdeed goes unheard by my ears and I can assure you, Oliver Triston is faithful. Shocking, yes, but he’s faithful.

Alas, at least it’s not all doom and gloom and slimy slimeballs in the world of looooooove. One of my little birdies recently reported to me that romance has blossomed between Jackson Maddock and Fiona Goodfellow, and I’m happy to confirm such findings! Blessings to them both! I’ve sent them a gift basket of cookies, and also a little something special to make certain activities a little more entertaining, if you know what I mean. No need to thank me, my dears! It’s my pleasure!

Of course, not everyone is satisfied with just one partner, and so many choose to pursue promiscuous lifestyles. Your Aunt B would like to remind you that such lifestyles are shameful in the eyes of the Goddess! The Harvest Goddess has already punished that pesky Penelope Pippin for pursuing her greedy desires. The woman has been hiding her secret, but no jumper could hide that growing baby bump forever, Ms. Pippin! One must feel sorry for the child. The mother is scandalous and who knows who the father is? Let Penelope be a warning to you of what happens when you live scandalous lives!

Before I go on my ladies’ night with my babes, Beatrice and Meredith, I’d like to bring to your attention a new religion – Beeism! Promoted by Colby Lufton and already adopted by one villager, Maxine Smith, Beeism is just buzzing with potential! I’m not pollen your leg, do you BEElieve in the bees?

That’s all, my loves! Ta-ta till next time!


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