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 The Feeling Of Missing You Mentioned, Banff, Alberta: SOLO
 Posted: Jan 17 2016, 09:23 PM

La vie est la fleur dont l'amour est le miel.

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Aisling S. Breckenridge
{Tags: SOLO, Mentions Ethan }

{Fall 3:Cloudy Thursday Mid-Morning}

What this the missing pain Ama had talked to her about recently? The desire to tell him everything, right then and there, but couldn’t. She was used to him being there, at work and even sometimes in town. It was odd. Of course, things were still starting, and maybe it was her young, teen heart. Aisling grumbled to herself as she lay on her cot in her sleeping bag and slew of blankets. Despite the sun, it was still cold, colder than what Ioana was ever in the fall, but the beauty of the landscape made up for the sometimes unpleasant weather.

Rain graced the campsite the day before, so activities were cut short, but the troop managed to travel to a local lodge where they ate dinner and everything that was nice. Aisling had entertained a few of the kids with some puzzles and roasting marshmallows as the adults chatted and what not before heading back to the campsite. Luckily, none of the tents were flooded which happened a few times on occasion.

The smell of damp grass tickled her nose as Berkley stirred in his small pile of towels and blankets. Crevan was already up, most likely taking a cigarette break and starting a fire. Even though they were camping with a group, they had their private campground, near the lake with a gorgeous view of the mountains.

Hazel eyes looked down at the yellow lab who had flipped over on his back, wriggling his body as if he was chasing a deer up a mountain path. Aisling smiled and released one of her arms from her blankets and sleeping bag. The tips of her fingernails scratched his belly, making Berkley look up at her, tongue hanging out in pure bliss. “You’re such a silly dog, Berkley,” she giggled as she continued to give him a belly rub.

Berkley squirmed a bit more before rolling off his back. He licked Aisling’s hand before jumping onto her cot, nuzzling close to her. “OOFF! Berkley!” A wet muzzle sniffed her face and a rough tongue lapped at her cheek. Soft pants could be felt from his chest cavity as Berkley rested close to his owner. He could sense she was missing Ethan, and he didn’t know how to feel about it all. Sure, the dog was happy. I mean, most dogs were usually always happy and derpy, Maybe it was because he never seen her experience something as joyous? Berkley wouldn’t deny that he worried about Aisling. She was his owner, and as her service dog, Berkley saw and experienced things Ethan had not. But out of all the men in the shop that could’ve been head over heels for her, Ethan seemed to be the best choice. Of course, the idea of being replaced was there, but Berkely knew well enough that being replaced or forgotten was not possible. Aisling loved him, and if he were to retire as a service dog, she would still want him around.

A small breath of air whistled through his canines as Berkley snuggled closer. His owner’s arm draped over his muscular back and gave his neck a kiss. Aisling couldn’t help but imagine Ethan snuggling Bo, the small husky. Bo was full of energy on the 29th, and it was adorable. Of course, he was still a bit scared of the bigger dogs but still managed to keep up.

I wonder how he’s doing. Hopefully, he is doing something interesting. Maybe building a new piece of furniture or kicking back with Tyler and Alex getting a beer. I know Alex was thinking of having a meeting about the wedding too.

She grumbled again. Ever since she was on this vacation, Ethan was on her mind constantly, thinking about whether he would like it here. Would he enjoy the nature? The ambiance? Anything? Or maybe being there with her? Aisling even took some polaroids she was going to send him because she thought Ethan would enjoy them.

Urghhh am I thinking about him too much?? Ama…is this what you were talking about, this strong feeling of being with him?

Maybe the older blonde was right. If Aisling thought about him this much, that her heart belonged to him and only him. Hell, she was even drawing the landscape because he drew the view. Goddess this was so weird…but felt so right.
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