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 A song was heard, IC: Fiona ;; ISO: Ender
 Posted: Oct 2 2016, 10:45 PM


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”Hey Ender?” The cop made a noise of confusion, something between a 'huh' and 'what'. He was still turned away, doing his best to bring relief to his cheeks quickly, before he'd have to go and face her again.

Now Fiona was stirring somewhere behind him, he shut his eyes tight, and when he opened them she was there, adjusting her position to be directly in front of him. Oh shit. His jaw clenched as he gulped down the rest of his confusion. It felt like it was happening in slow motion. Her petite hands cupped his face gently, he felt his heart sink and flutter all at once. ”I don’t understand what you are saying.” Now she was actively trying to turn his head to face her.

He didn't know what to do? Should he run off and never contact her again? Should he let her observe him in a state so bashful? Neither seemed like a great way to handle this random act of touchie-feelie.

Slowly brown eyes met blue. He tried his best to feign a smile, his cheeks pulled against the palms of her hand cautiously. "I uhhh, I said I'm pretty hungry? Do you think we could eat." He wriggled away, pretending as if all this talk of sweets had him in absolutely famished. But no, it was something else in his chest that was making him act so absurd? Butterflies? Indigestion? He wasn't quite sure.

Placing himself on the other end of the blanket, he obediently sat far enough away for his own comfort. Hopefully he could get through the rest of this without embarrassing himself any further. After that, he'd be free to run home and overthink whatever emotions that were slowly unraveling the more time he spent with the blonde.

 Posted: Oct 3 2016, 10:30 AM

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Ender (Aofie)

Spring 18th, afternoon

Fiona had a rather concerned expression, she wasn’t sure what was going on with Ender and why he had that quick change, but whatever it was she didn’t plan to forcing it out of him, when he feels like expressing himself she will be there, if he wants her there, in the meantime all she could do was be there.

When he finally expressed that he was hungry, the blonde smile; she softly rubbed her thumb on his cheek affectionately, not in a romantic sense, at least not that she would see it as such, it was just something she thought it would comfort him. ”Yes, we can eat, I’m pretty hungry myself.” she said smiling as her hands let go off his face in a soft and low movement before starting to take off everyone out of the basket so that both could eat.

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