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 No Time to Think About It, IC - Elliot | ISO - Odette
 Posted: Oct 31 2015, 04:18 PM

coolest kid this side of the atlantic

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Elliot A. Mercier
"Wrap up your questions, keep them down, let the water lead us home"

Summer was here and the sun had been out, but it was only so long until rain clouds loomed over the town once more.

Today, the rain had come unexpectedly. One minute, the sun had been shining down brightly. In the next, the rain pounded the ground with force.

Elliot was glad he was prepared. He’d taken Oliver to the beach today so that the young boy could build a sandcastle or two, but he’d made sure to pack an emergency bag just in case. In that bag, Elliot had shoved in two raincoats – one for himself, and one for Oliver.

It was getting late in the afternoon now, and the two had departed the beach and were already on their way home when the rain began.

There were just a few drops on the top of their heads initially, a warning sign that had caused Elliot to glance up and see the grey clouds and to hurriedly grab their coats out of his bag.

Oliver was always at the forefront of Elliot’s mind, always the person Elliot put before himself, and, consequently, Oliver had his bright yellow coat on just as the rain went from a light drizzle to torrential.

Elliot gave Oliver two pats on the back.

“Come on, let’s get home,” he said, and Oliver took off running, a little in front of Elliot but still within sight.

Elliot hurried after Oliver, awkwardly balancing a bag whilst trying to get his arms through the sleeves of his coat. Elliot was all too glad that they were only a few minutes away from their home.

Oliver turned a corner, and was suddenly out of view. Elliot picked up the pace, knowing that the streets in Ioana didn’t hold the same danger that the ones of Westhaven did, but still unable to shake that anxious fatherly feeling.

“’Ette, you gonna get wet!” Elliot heard, just as he turned the very same corner and saw exactly what Oliver was referring to.

Odette, their pink-haired priestess, was out in the rain. She was without a coat, without an umbrella, and without any kind of protection from the rain. She must’ve been caught off-guard by the sudden rainstorm.

Speaking of the rainstorm, it grew even more rapid and violent, about to drench anybody who was out in it.

Automatically Elliot took off his coat and thrust it into Odette’s arms.

“Here,” he yelled above the rain. “Just return it to me whenever you can, okay?”

Picking up Oliver, Elliot had ran off before Odette could protest. He was only going to be out in the rain for a few more minutes, anyway. Odette needed the coat more than him.
 Posted: Oct 31 2015, 05:35 PM

skadoo skadae do u know da wae

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| Elliot | summer 6 | winter meadows| tiny soaking swon princes |

She generally trusted the weather, when she woke up in the morning and saw it in one way or another. So when she had woken up in the morning, and saw the sun blaring its sunlight outside, she had thought nothing of it. It had been brilliant sunshine for the last few days, so there was no reason for the weather to suddenly change, as far as she was concerned. So she had gone out in her usual summer wear (basically a lighter material-version of her usual dress) without thinking to take a coat or a jacket as she headed back towards the main town.

She usually didn't go out on Fridays. Generally because there were afternoon sermons and she mostly spent the mornings preparing the church for it. As it was summer, there were new things to be done in the church and especially the seasonal clean, where Odette practically ripped the church out as she cleaned it and tidied it and made sure it all looked pristine. But she was running low on food because of her unusual excursions which prevented her from keeping her usual routine, and she needed to get some more.

The weather had stayed until she had got her groceries. She looked out of the window as she was paying and saw the skies greying, and she prayed that she would get home before it started to rain, if that was going to happen. Odette had got her bags and started to make the walk back to the church, hurrying her step when it started to drizzle. She didn't mind if it drizzled. She could survive if it drizzled.

But it went from a drizzle to an absolute sudden downpour within minutes.

She had no umbrella, no coat, and she was getting soaked.

Odette was going to start running when she heard a familiar voice shout to her, and the priestess whirled, nearly dropping all her bags, pigtails flying, to see Oliver, clad in a raincoat, running past her. "You need to get home!" she called, worried that he was going to catch a cold and a chill.

But suddenly a coat was being thrust at her, and Odette found herself staring at Elliot. His coat was in her hands, and he was telling her to just return it whenever she could.

"I - what - wait!" Odette stuttered out, surprised, but Elliot was already gone. The rain was drenching her now, but the coat was soon over her shoulders and she was off running herself. It kept her dry for the rest of the run back to the church (the food wasn't so lucky, but at least a lot of it was packaged) and when she got back, she figured she would clean it for him.

She couldn't really comprehend why she had his coat. Why he had given it to her.

The one thing that did stick with her was that it smelled like him.

It was nice.
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