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 Stronger With the Generations, Solo
 Posted: May 15 2018, 05:52 PM

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Saturday had been a full day spent on the farm. The cafe had been open in the morning, but for the most part the Carnival currently held everyone's attention, which allowed Finn to close earlier, a relief on her mind these days more than anything else. Upon coming home, she had planned to take some time to relax, but passing the fields, she noticed that her mother seemed very winded, and it hadn't taken long for her to become concerned. But as she thought on it for a while, she wasn't sure if winded or fatigued was the better word for it. Did it even matter? In any case, Finnley had insisted on taking over her mother's chores, and so the rest of the day had been spent on farm work.

The work was actually a welcomed break for her mind, plagued by thoughts she constantly wished would leave, when she was working on the farm she could focus fully on what she was doing, throw both her weight and her thoughts into work and not care much for what might be happening beyond that. It left her in an empty state that she didn't mind since her mind had become overwhelmed by her work at the Cafe, things going on around her, and something else that she would have rather not thought about.

And by the time she had finished work, she was exhausted, but as soon as she had realized her mother was too tired to cook, she had taken it upon herself to fix supper for them as well. But she wasn't pleased to find that her mother barely ate, though when she asked if she needed to call the doctor, her mother insisted that she was okay, and that she only needed to sleep, and that was the last time Finnley had seen her since suppertime.

It had taken her a while to fall asleep that night too. Despite the silence usually lulling her to sleep, it had been what kept her awake. Silence gave her too much time to think, and despite the few weeks since she and Sawyer had last parted on a sour note, and it was in silence when she found herself thinking the most about it. By the time she had closed her eyes, there was nearly a tear that had threatened to fall and shatter her strong charade.

"Finnley!" The call had awoken her at an odd hour, but she wasn't sure if it was shameful to say she wasn't surprised to see her disheveled father standing in the doorway. She had known her mother was sick, it was clear despite the way the woman had denied it, and perhaps if she had only gotten the doctor earlier. "Lily ain't wakin' up, Ah' tried everythin' but she can't respond t'me, she's burnin' up, Ah' ain't felt anythin' like this since last winter. Please Finnley, go an' get one of the doctors at t'clinic, hurry!"

She didn't have time to throw proper clothes on, shrugging on a simple denim coat to combat the chill as she rushed to the barn where they housed Sweetie and urged her onto the dirt road, throwing herself onto the horse's bare back with care. She was getting much too old to carry people on her back anymore, but she seemed to understand the urgency Finn felt, and carried them to the Clinic to fetch one of the doctors, nurses, whoever Finnley could get ahold of, and raced back to the house, where she waited outside her parents room with her father.

"The pain in er' face that time, Ah' ain't seen anythin' like it ina' long time..." her father said as he paced around the hallway. When they were told Lillian was asking for Dean, he hesitated. "Jus'...Jus' tell er' to go t'sleep, she needs it...Ah'..."


"Wha'?" Finnley pushed herself off the wall, turning to face Dean with a straight look on her face. "Pa', what Ma' needs right now is the man she married, not some sorta' coward. She's the bravest of all three o' us and y'know that, but times like this is where she needs ya' more than anyone else!" Dean looked taken back for a moment, before turning to look at the door to his bedroom.

"Sometimes Ah' wonder which one of us y'take after, but now Ah' think Ah' see it. It's your Mama, that's for sure." He disappeared into the room, and Finn turned to head back out to the barn to properly put Sweetie away. She paused, giving the Horse's neck a gentle rub. She wondered if her father could see how scared she was and if he thought saying what he did may calm her. They said her mother would be fine now with rest, but that it was a good thing they hadn't left her until the morning with her fever as high as it was. She remembered his presence in the times she had been scared, after Oliver had come to her shop, when Happy had hidden himself in the family tractor in the middle of a Thunderstorm, he had been able to melt those stubborn fears.

But now that he wasn't there, crying into Sweetie's mane seemed like the only other option until she could call Grace in the morning.

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