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 Two Lines, ( Penny + Kalliope )
 Posted: Feb 14 2018, 09:16 PM

" have you ever had a dream that you... um... "

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Penelope L. Benson
"I feel like I've been run over by a truck"

It was time to stop being a coward and to just fucking do it. “Get it over with,” Penny thought to herself. “What’s the worst that can happen?”

“That I’m pregnant.”

OK, yes, there was that. Penny sat on the toilet in Barrett’s bathroom, door locked as she fiddled with the pregnancy test box.

It was going to be fine. There was no way she was pregnant. It was impossible. As a sexually-liberated woman, Penny was meticulous in birth control. She operated a strict no condom, no fun time rule. But... there was the teeniest tiniest chance that maybe on the night she’d gotten married to Barrett, she’d been too drunk to remind him to put a latex sock on it.

Again, it was going to be fine. There was no way she was going to be pregnant from having unprotected sex one time, right? The odds of that were ridiculous, surely? It would just be terrible luck to get pregnant from that one time, and Penny didn't think she was the unlucky kind.

Procrastinating. Time-wasting. She was avoiding what she needed to do.

Penny sighed. In the silence of the bathroom, Penny could faintly hear Kalliope. She was speaking to someone. Probably to her baby. It reminded Penny that she didn’t have much time.

She finally took the test out of the box. She’d already read the instructions, so all that was left to do was just to pee on the Itris-damned stick.

After the two minutes were up, Penny looked at the stick.

She dropped it to the floor.

It was time for another test. Penny pulled out another.

Again, she followed the instructions, read the result, and then dropped the completed test to the floor.

She’d purchased five tests in the shop just to be sure, and Penny did them all. All of them showed two lines.

Two lines.


Penny’s head dropped into her hands. She was in shock – eyes wide and glazed, mouth dry.

She couldn’t be pregnant, no! This couldn’t be happening to her. Not to her. She was Penny, for crying out loud. She wasn’t meant to have a baby. She wasn't fit to be a mom.

Those loud thoughts died out until just one remained. It whispered in her head, like that of a lost child: “What am I going to do…?”

There was no time to answer. There was a knock on the bathroom door.

“Just a second!”
Penny yelled.

Panicked in her vulnerable state, Penny pulled up her skirt and knickers. She flushed the toilet, briefly ran her hands under the running faucet, and hurriedly gathered up her positive pregnancy tests and dumped them into her bag. In her panic, Penny accidentally dropped the fifth one and it slid to rest near the dustbin.

“Oh hi, Kallie! Sorry, can’t stop and chat, gotta go!”

And just like that, Penny zoomed out of the Benson residence. Her life had changed, and now she needed to be at the place that felt the safest to her – home.
 Posted: Feb 15 2018, 05:07 PM

Sneaky Trash Panda at your service

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Cloudy days always reminded Kallie of the smoggy days in the city, where she'd sit by the window early in the morning after Logan had gone to work and she was left alone in the apartment until class started with a warm cup of coffee warming her hands on a cold winter day. Maybe it was better that clouds was the closest she got to smog anymore, but it was a warm memory of the days that had passed a long time ago. Now here they were in Ioana, a baby on the way, who would be arriving in little more than a couple of weeks. The whole thought was quite exciting when she thought about it.

But he was at work now, and just like those old days, Kallie was by herself until he came home. Sitting down with a warm cup of hot chocolate, she hadn't thought about how she needed to go to the bathroom all that much until just about now. She knew her Grandpa and Barrett were out somewhere in the fields and Caden had taken their mother out for a walk a little while ago, so she knew the only ones in the house were her and Penny, so there was only about a 50-50 chance that the bathroom was occupied.

She stood up and waddled towards the bathroom,gently chiding her baby as she did so. "You know if you're gonna use my bladder as a kick ball at least give me a little warning huh?" She asked as she made her way down the hall, even if she knew she would find the answer she was looking for asking him directly. At least not for some weeks. Though the bathroom door was locked and Kallie decided the 50% that would end in her not using the bathroom had won, but Penny's voice rang out moments later. "Oh uh-- Don't worry Penny, it's not urgent!" She said, hoping she wouldn't rush on her account.

The door yanked open and Kallie noticed that Penny seemed rushed, and almost...scared. "Penny, are you...?" But she didn't have time to get the question out as the blonde zipped past her and out of the house. She frowned, walking into the bathroom, but her eyes picked up on something resting by the dust bin almost immediately. With great effort she was able to pick it up, reading the lines, the same kind she had gotten with wide eyes. Double lines, she was pregnant. It had to be Penny, being that they were the only two women in the house that were even capable of having children anymore. Unless Barrett had done some drunk pissing on a stick, but the two lines wouldn't have shown unless he had something to tell them.

"Kallie, whatcha' doin'?" Kallie jumped, nearly flinging the test out of her hand. "B-Barrett! W-what are you-?"

"Ya' were standing in the bathroom starin' off into space so ah--" Barrett seemed to freeze as his eyes dropped to the test in her hand. Should she tell him? After all, Penny had said Barrett wasn't the only one, right? So maybe it wasn't his. "It's mine." She said quickly, shifting it into the bin.

"Kallie, Ah' don't know how to tell ya' this, but yer' already pregnant." Kallie sighed, pushing him out of the bathroom. "I know, I just wanted to...see if the test changed the more pregnant you were."

"Yer' real dumb for a city gal' Kallie." He said as she slammed the door shut.

It was pretty good that he wasn't exactly a smart boy.


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