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 Whatever Happened to Saturday Night?, IC: Jaime ISO: Open
 Posted: Jan 13 2017, 09:55 PM

Walking the line between discontent and disaster

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Jaime Godwin
Date: Autumn 17
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It had been an entire season, and still Evelyn and Jaime hadn't really talked about what had happened at the carnival. He still had no idea where he stood with her. Did she think he was weird, or creepy, or coming on too strong? That was the only conclusion he could draw, considering that if she felt the same way about him, she probably would have spoken up by now, or seemed a little less perplexed when he'd called her pretty, or told her how beautiful he thought her eyes were.

He took a long drink of the beer he'd ordered in an attempt to lift his dark mood. It wasn't working, of course. He still felt like the back end of a horse with dysentery. He still didn't know if Evelyn hated him completely but was too nice to say anything. He was still stuck in limbo, wondering if he'd ever get another shot to let Evelyn know he hadn't been playing around when he'd given her that necklace. He was still drinking alone in a bar.

He scanned the crowd, wondering if he should just give up, give Evelyn her space, and go back to just picking people up in places like this to pretend for a night that he wasn't lonely. But the thought of sleeping with someone when he was so obviously pining over her made him feel disgusted with himself. He couldn't do that. Besides, where would he take a date? He didn't live alone anymore, and the person he was trying to get over would be less than a tiny cabin away. Plus he roomed with his little sister and bringing someone home would be tasteless at best.

He decided that he'd just get flat-out drunk and stumble home alone whenever the bar closed. Which wouldn't be fun with the rain pouring down outside. But he was the one who decided he had to come to the bar tonight, so that was his made bed to lie in. At least here he wasn't constantly reminded of the hell he was living at the moment.
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